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  1. The player's right hand is generally between the camera and the air button in those videos. But in video three, you can catch glimpses of it behind Aaron's hand when his hand position shifts towards the "sharper notes" -- look very closely at his right index finger, and as his hand position shifts (such as right around 0:45 and 0:55) you can see it for split-seconds when his index finger moves out of the way. The air button is an "English-sized" button, instead of the "Anglo-sized" buttons used for the notes, which makes it a smaller target to spot!
  2. The Beaumont's air button is in the same position as the Wheatstone Hayden's -- on the right handrest.
  3. Early in my anglo playing, I "solved" this problem on my 30-button Wheatstone-layout by dropping the D# on button 4a-draw to a D natural. (I say "solved" because of course this solution creates other problems down the road. But at the time, I really wanted that D natural on the draw for precisely the reasons discussed here and didn't yet have tunes in my repertoire which might use the D#.) I've since solved the problem another way, by just switching to the Jeffries-layout Of course, now my playing has advanced to where I periodically want that D#, which is lacking on the 30-button Jeffri
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