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  1. Greetings Mr. Miller.

  2. Jeffries? Anybody know about this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/Concertina-antique-Jef...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. Since the real Elkridge is near me I sent a message to the seller through eBay, just for fun. This was his reply: Ripped off, eigh?
  4. Does anyone know of a link to an mp3 of John Kelly Snr playing the Ebb Tide? Jack
  5. Craig, I've tried to email you through your profile page without response. Can you update your contact information or contact me? Jack
  6. Craig, Do you have a sound file of THIS INSTRUMENT available? Jack
  7. Ted's. Great place for used violins, brass instruments, etc. They had a non-functional Italian stage prop concertina years ago... at least it looked the part. TED'S MUSICIANS SHOP. 11 E CENTRE ST, BALTIMORE, MD 21202. (410) 685-4198
  8. Mike: Wait, you could be blocking my driveway in Ellicott City! Have you been in touch with Philippe Varlet at <http://go.to/celticgrooves>? A great nearby source for CDs. Jack
  9. Hummingbear, Try to play the instrument a while before you take the step of parting with it. Others with a similar opening question in this forum have come to an appreciation of their instrument that goes far beyond dollars. Jack
  10. My most used concertina recording, aside from mini-disks made in week-long Jacqueline McCarthy and Noel Hill classes is Tommy McCarthy's Sporting Nell. With uillean piping and tin whistling punctuating tunes on a C/G and A/E Jeffries it is anything but dry. Jack
  11. In http://www.thesession.org/discussions/display.php/3474, Bob Tedrow commented Since that discussion quickly got off track, I wonder if Bob (and others) would expound on the concept of Voicing concertina reeds?
  12. Ahhh, EDITING! The one fweature of new overr olD we can all agree is an impruvement. JAck
  13. Michael, From my point of view the answer is yes. But not a simple one. I play mostly for private enjoyment and the technical challenges of the instrument. Noel really presents a system that provides fruit for lots of study. As he said last year, stick with it and 'the penny will drop'. After 8 months it is fascinating to see how the system fits the Anglo layout. Probably not. Although nightly sessions al la 'The Ice House' and 'The Porch' are not part of the program, I savored the opportunity to sit, undisturbed, in my favorite spot twice a day for a couple hours and really learn a new tune. And my mini-disk recordings of the Wednesday evening session, the Thursday concert and the Friday request hour (all of which Noel graciously lets students record for their own use) have provided many, many additional learning opportunities. Cheers, Jack (2003 NY NHICS; 2001 Jackie McCarthy @ Augusta)
  14. Jim, Have you learned them this good yet: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...1&category=1075 ? Maybe this will help get copies of all the FREE REED albums circulating... JZ
  15. Maybe not true Chanteys, but any of these should catch the immagination of 8-10 year olds without having to 'clean up' the lyrics: http://revels.bizland.com/store/product12.html! Let us know how it turns out. Jack
  16. Randy, Do you have access to this CD: http://www.essaycd.com/store/genre.asp?gen..._id=10&cd_id=61? Jerry Bryant plays Anglo and taught a concertina class as well as singing at Meadowlark Music Camp in Maine in 1999. The CD is a nice mixture of vocals with instrumentals (fiddle by Ron Grosslein of Swallowtail) for variety. The publisher also has a link to lyrics for the songs: http://www.essaycd.com/HTML/ROAST_BEEF_Lyrics.doc. Perhaps notwithstanding all the comments about authenticity so far, Jerry and his collaborators did a good bit of research on period music for this CD. Jack
  17. Has a member of Concertina.net purchased this? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...7&category=1075 I've not seen a copy and have been curious to hear it since Jackie McCarthy mentioned that he was her favorite player (She attributed her version of The Ebb Tide to him).
  18. Try these folks if you're in the US: <http://www.columbiaorgan.com/col/> I stopped in there two years ago and they were very helpful. I used some chrome tanned heavy goatskin valve leather for gasketing a 26b Lach and it's working fine. They also have a bottled fish glue that is reversable and easier to use than hot hide glue.
  19. I know that jewlers use a 'rolling mill' to achieve similar effects, but in softer precious metals. My posphor bronze is 1/8" thick and I've tried hammering small pieces out to about .5mm before sizing and filing the reeds. Too random to be scientific, but it is interesting to consider how this might compare to the original 'copper alloy' reeds.
  20. Chris, What temper stock and what starting thickness did you use? I have made two replacement reeds for a 26b Lachenal from 'thick' phos bronze of unknown temper, and they seem to work fine. I'm wondering about their long term performance... Jack
  21. Jim, This probably should not have been in the Buy-Sell forum ( http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php...p?showtopic=282 ): What is the 19th century formula (approximately)? Is it like Phosphor Bronze? Was the sheet rolled to spring temper? Jack
  22. Jim, This should probably be in the 'construction category' (but for the board structure)... What is the 19th century formula (approximately)? Is it like Phosphor Bronze? Was the sheet rolled to spring temper? Jack
  23. Thanks, Frank. It seems that all it needed was a tiny bit (not enough to stress the wood) of soft leather on the side of dovetail slot at the clamp end of the reed frame. Jack
  24. During the rebuilding of a 26 button brass reeded Lachenal I have come across a problem with getting a reed to start. Although three "G" reeds on the right hand side are tuned very close to each other, none of the three will start in the G row index finger slot. All three sound passable in the "C Row Ring Finger" or "Accidental Row Middle Finger" position, but in the all important first slot each one barely eeks out a high harmonic. The "F#" in the same chamber is passably in tune, for now, and speeks when spoken to. I have already re-packed the top of the chamber, and the adjacent ones, to keep the air pressure up; re-padded the whole side; and re-valved both the "G" and "F#". The dovetail slots do not seem to be over or under-sized. Apart from the pin restricting the upper travel of the valve flap, I'm at a loss. Other technical suggestions?
  25. Interesting. Are/were the pads the same diameter of and located within the circles? Jack
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