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  1. Do you have any pictures of it? Peter
  2. Hello, I have a Rochelle that I don't use anymore. It's located in Belgium, so no VAT problems. I thought to sell it for 200€, that is near 170£ plus shipping. Peter
  3. Hello, I'm new on this forum. I'm looking for a good anglo. I prefer a newly made instrument because I think that top class vintage concertinas are too high priced and I don't want to take risks. When I listen to CD's of top players, I like the sound of a Suttner. Their look is also what I expect, but I don't want to order one and wait for years. Of course, I wouldn't refuse a Dipper !!! To avoid customs problems, I want to buy only from an european seller. Peter
  4. I waned to bid on it this morning (not up to 6000£ anyway) and saw it was ended this morning. Looking at the bidding history, you see that the seller cancelled all bids. The highest bid was around 2500£. I had contact with the seller yesyerday. It's not really a cheerfull guy. Peter
  5. Hello, you have still instruments available? I'm looking for a good playable concertina. I don't want a concertina that has to be restored. Peter
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