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  1. 271213892_1128978784527177_4848364658087894546_n.mp4 271202227_431130891794565_5666038702970440303_n.mp4
  2. I'm only just now seeing this thread. Thanks for the kind words with regards to my development over the past few years, Bertram. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be able to work from your advanced tutor and then interact directly by skype. Whatever I have gained as a musician, I owe directly and overwhelmingly to the combination of your book (which, sadly, has never been understood or heralded, as far as I can discern, as the indispensable paradigm shifting game changer it truly is) and the skype correspondence.
  3. Mark Gilston, the great English system concertinist, does a splendid rendition of the tune. Are you familiar with his Swedish album "Troll Road?" It's a masterpiece (though, curiously, the gardeby ganglat is not featured therein). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq2KBrXprZ4
  4. A great little tune, isn't it? You're very fortunate to have learned it from David Kaynor; a first-rate musician and excellent source.
  5. Thanks. Are you really? I'd love to get together. I'm in Minneapolis (over by the Convention Center and the Electric Fetus). Feel free to drop me a line either through the message function here or via email (awestern@hotmail.com) or even on farcebook if you are so inclined (my name there and in the good old-fashioned real life is Andy Western) and perhaps we can carve out some time and space for a rendezvous in near future. Andy
  6. https://soundcloud.com/andy-western/swedish-ganglat-in-d-major https://soundcloud.com/andy-western/english-country-dance-overture
  7. https://soundcloud.com/andy-western/sets/anders-and-his-exotic-bachs-of
  8. Remember Juliette Daum? She hasn't posted here in several years, but here's her Bach D minor Chaconne on English Concertina. This is absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for sharing.
  9. The mania continues!!!!!!!!! Well done, Wolf! A worthy addition to the community squeeze Bachs.
  10. Your marvelous Bach rendition definitely deserves its own thread, Mart! SUPERLATIVE!
  11. Thanks, Stuart. The D minor Chaconne will have to wait until I've managed to obtain an instrument with more than 30 buttons. Confined to 30 buttons, there are simply far too many instances where one runs into harmonizing notes that are only to be found in mutually exclusive bellows directions to the melodic notes, I'm afraid...
  12. Great stuff. As mentioned above, I'm sure too that Bach would have written for EC if it had been around. Great fun to play his stuff but does take some learning. Here is one of the Cello Suite bourees I recorded on the Baritone/Treble. It was a challenge mainly because I find the B/T takes so much more effort to control than the treble - actually quite hard work! cheers and Happy new year to all https://soundcloud.com/mart-bradley/bach-cello-suite-no3 Excellent rendition of the Bach, indeed! I discovered you on soundcloud the other day and have been enjoying your content. Your Handel is also splendid.
  13. https://soundcloud.com/andy-western/sets/anders-and-his-exotic-bachs-of
  14. Any recordings of Bach on the baritone EC yet, John? I'd be interested to hear... I'm working towards it, but don't hold your breath! My wife used to play cello and it has taken a while for her to tolerate my practicing of, what to her, is almost sacred music. Hence, in part, the delay since acquiring the notation in getting down to working on the suites. As for the transposition David: yes, all the suites are a fifth higher. So the first suite, with its very well known and frequently played prelude, is in D major rather than G. I'm sure J S would have composed for EC if it had been available to him - well, that's what I tell my wife anyway! I'm with you, David! I don't think Bach ever considered his compositions to be sacred in the sense that they had to remain confined to the original instrument they were composed for or the original key they were composed IN. You see him transposing a single piece of music time and again to suit various instruments and ensembles. Just look at the ground the celebrated opening movement of his E major violin partita (or is it sonata? I always get the sonatas and partitas confused) ended up covering. Pretty dazzling when you stop to think of it...
  15. Any recordings of Bach on the baritone EC yet, John? I'd be interested to hear...
  16. Thanks, John. Yes, I imagine that should keep you occupied for awhile!
  17. The concluding gigue from Bach's C major cello suite (transposed up an octave to fit the range of my instrument) performed on 30 button C/G anglo concertina. https://soundcloud.com/andy-western/bach-c-major-gigue-1/comment-261162892
  18. Door knockers? My philosophy on doors is: "don't knock 'em 'til you've tried 'em."
  19. I, too, am an anglo player (30 buttons) who plays in different modes and traditions not normally associated with the instrument and I love this unique style you've carved out for yourself (I went ahead and listened to all your concertina uploads; they're all marvelous). Your style reminds me of much of the concertina playing I've encountered in maritime, or nautical settings. The Smithsonian Folkways label, for one, has released a decent number of such anthologies to furnish you with some terrific examples.
  20. What's this about Ab/eb Lincol/nb's concertinas?
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