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  1. I sold this one to Chris. It's a nice player.
  2. Just in case, someone is still looking for it David
  3. Here is a photo of the reed pan. Reeds are very clean and seem to be untouched since the concertina left the factory.
  4. I bought another concertina, so this one has to go: Wheatstone 46 Key McCann Duet Concertina No 35030 from 1938 Nice playing condition Wooden ends with wear on the varnish Tuned to concert pitch Pads and valves are ok Steel reeds Good and tight bellows with minimal wear New straps comes with the original case (functional, but with wear) I'm asking EUR 600 plus shipping
  5. For me, this is the point. To have good information, how to do things, is the best starting point for a decision, what can be done by yourself. How to replace the chamois - maybe a good point to include. David
  6. Do you have a button layout? Some photos could help as well.
  7. Great! Let me know, if they are ready. Cheers, David
  8. I can't find something like "master shine" on Identity Store. Is it an acrylic finish like "Eco-Flo Satin Shene" or "Fiebings Resolene"? David
  9. Mine are printed on black paper. But deep navy blue must look fine as well. Dave, is there a opportunity to get such papers maybe from you in the end? David
  10. I agree with Bruce. You asked for an instrument in G/C or D/G. (BTW: they are more commonly mentioned as C/G or G/D) This choice is maybe important as well. It has something to do with the music, your daughter wants to play. For Irish music for example the C/G is recommended, the G/D for Morris music. There are more options in buying a C/G than a G/D concertina. You can find C/G concertinas in nearly every price range. And you can find modern instruments with accordion reeds as well as concertinas with classical concertina reeds. And it's the same with English concertinas. It's more difficult to find a "cheap" G/D concertina. Most of them are modern ones.
  11. By the way, David, have you taken some usable photos of the "papers" ? And was it a Jones as well? David
  12. Yes, David, mine are made of paper. There is no chance to salvage all papers and some are not really in a good state. I will try to take some good photos of them, before working on the bellow. I will then post the photos here. BTW: This concertina of yours is really lovely. David
  13. Thanks a lot. I read the threads about Dave Elliot's bellows papers. I really like the Lachenal papers and the Wheatstone Daisy pattern papers. But I really like the idea of "original" papers on the Jones. Does someone know, if the papers on my concertina are original Jones papers?
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