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  1. I originally put this in the general discussion but realised that it would be more sensible here.


    I hope I haven't done anything wrong - smile.




    I have a 20 key C/G Anglo and am learning to play. We have a tutor in the town nearest to me but he only teaches the 40 key and I can't justify buying a new concertina.


    I have found a DVD on EBay called Learn to Play Irish Concertina by John Williams.


    I have two questions:


    1. Is this DVD any good?

    2. Is it suitable for my 20 key?


    Any help would be appreciated.




    Just looked it up on Amazon, apparently it teaches 20 and 30 button and the disc has quite avarage sounding reviews.



  2. Topic cheerfully moved.


    Mick Bramich's Absolute Beginner's Concertina book uses tab rather than notation, has started off a couple of people that I know.


    Welcome to the madness.




    Snagged me a copy of this after reading a load of glowing reviews on Amazon n such, a lot of folks critisised it as 'too simple' but that sounds a bit ideal to me in all honesty!!


    Thanks all for the warm welcome!

  3. Hello all! I recently purchased my first Concertina, it's a lovely little 20 button Gremlin. The issue I have is this purchase coincides with being made unemployed, so, where my intention was to get Lessons, this has now become unviable due to tutors being few, far between and expensive.


    So I want to know what the best online resources for me to use are? I'm not too great at reading sheet music, let alone translating it to an instrument, [i was a drummer until recently]


    I am a massive fan of Victoriana, so want to eventually work up to Music Hall style songs, or Gypsy style folk stuff.


    I know Concertina.com has a wealth of scanned books, but it's a case of knowing where to start, so I ask you lovely people of Concertina.net, where do I start?


    Please don't flame me if I've said something stupid here, but please let me know if I've said anything 'wrong'



    Thankyou all for your time, and I eagerly await your responce.

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