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  1. I have added the correct link now http://soundcloud.com/bluerhodfa/totm-concertina-net-jan-2014/s-X8Ew5
  2. First attempt at TOTM with just the melody in G on my George Jones C/G 30 button anglo. http://soundcloud.com/bluerhodfa/totm-concertina-net-jan-2014/s-X8Ew5 When I can get my fingers round the bottom B flat A in the F version I will post that as well Hopefully with the corrected link ;-)
  3. Here is a photo of the label on my 30 button Jones anglo. The label reads G. JONES Patent Concertina MANUFACTURER 360 COMMERCIAL Rd EAST I hope this helps. Ira
  4. I have used Speedshifter which is free download from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music I have used it to slow down CD tracks and mp3 files, you can find it here Speedshifter I found it useful
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