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  1. Leo, What is the "Video subforum" and how to get there? Thanks, Jim
  2. Fred?Isn't he the guy who said Latin is a dead language? No one told me it was dead!
  3. I saw this Concertina on E-bay and saved the site but now I can't find it again when I go directly back to E-bay. Am I missing a step? http://cgi.ebay.com/Whaetstone-Concertina_...1QQcmdZViewItem
  4. Could anyone provide the music for Judy and Jim's Wedding for me?
  5. There have been previous threads on brass versus aluminum frames. Before concluding that aluminum frames give a harsher sound, would it not be a good idea to transfer the same reeds from aluminum to brass frames and see if there are differences in sound chararcteristics between the two types of frames with the same reeds? Anecdotal observations really don't prove anything.
  6. I must assume you are kidding about intensive care as well as about reaching 80 degrees centigrade!
  7. First we had ceiling fans and now we have gravitational forces and vectors. Concertinas are much more complicated than I thought! No one told me about an educational requirement to play them.
  8. A friend reported she has observed it with a cello. The theory should hold true for any instrument. Positional effects could be considerable.
  9. I know this has been discussed ad nausium but looking back through the forum I beleive that the ceiling fan effect on concertina sound was never fully explained. The explaination is that as the fan rotates it pushes a column of air down away from the fan past both my ears and then past the concertina. The sound waves coming from my concertina then have to travel against that moving column of air up toward my ears. Because the sound waves have to travel against the air flow, the pitch is generally decreased. It is like hearing a train whistle on a train moving away, producing a lower sound. Because the train is moving away, the sound waves are spread out. Likewise the conceritina sound waves are spread out as they are moving through air which is moving away from my ears, pushed by the fan. The speed of the fan would determine the degree of the effect.
  10. Thanks. Its what makes my concertina sound different than your concertina. With that in mind I'll trudge through the discussion again.
  11. So timbre is not the frequency of pitch or tone but is the shape of the soundwaves?
  12. Would someone please define for me exactly what timbre means? Is it the same as tone or does it mean something else? Thankyou
  13. I have noticed that my concertina sounds very pleasing when I'm sitting on my sailboat or when I'm aboard any type of boat or ship. And the type of tune does not have to be sea shanties. There seems to be a synergism between my anglo and the marine environement.
  14. The nearest you can get is by playing it in octaves, in cross-keys on the C row, like a Cajun accordion. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Listten to anything by the band Bayou Gumbo, where you'll hear Harry Scurfield doing exactly that with his Dipper C/G. Chris <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Stephen, Could you explain to me what you mean by cross keys? Thanks, Jim
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