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  1. A little shout out to Robert Gaskins and thanks for his great article on how to create and install baffles to sweeten the sound, reduce volume and balance the sides of the concertina. I’m happy to report that it worked very well on first try thanks to his very detailed instructions. I found that the accoustical fabric (like low pile ribbed carpet) was just touching the pads a bit when I depressed the button, so I used my electric beard shaver to trim down the fabric a bit in those areas and resolved the issue.) It was so much fun to do the project and very good experience to be less intimidated to open up the concertina and work on it make repairs. I’ve also had a button or two break since I’ve owned the concertina and in a pinch had some 3-D printed, which are working nicely after I sanded them. pics below!
  2. Thank you so much for your reply, Don. I’ve gone back into the article and realized he had some text about it that makes sense. Basically i’ll Use some 1/8” in. Foam tape to make a kind of bushing board like barrier around the buttons. In the case of a wooden-ended instrument without a bushing board, there is no way to cause the baffle to fit close to the bushing board to create a narrow slit. So for these instruments, more tape is needed. I cut more of the 1/8" by 1/4" bits of tape, and assemble nearly a solid line of these along the strip of wood outside the buttons--the part overlapped by the baffle. These bits don't need to be butted end-to-end, but I close up about 85% of the line around the buttons. This reduces the leakage around the buttons to someplace close to that experienced with a bushing board--much reduced, but far from zero. This may take another 48 bits of tape, for a larger instrument.
  3. Hi. Anyone here made leather baffles? I have a technical question- I am making some leather baffles for a wooden Wheatstone Crane following the article of Robert Gaskins on concertina.net But i’ve Run across a snag. in Robert’s article he cuts the template so that the leather fails snugly between the edges of the end piece and the bushing board. (See 2 attached photos of a metal end with bushing board and a leather baffle surrounding the bushing board.) My Wheatstone Crane’s wooden end does not have a bushing board. (Photo of the ebony wooden end.) Can I still make working baffles without a bushing board? Do I have to make a bushing board as well? Best, Eric
  4. Has anyone tried 3D printing replacement buttons? if so- any tips you’ve learned? Was it succesful? Best, Eric
  5. I had a button that would catch sometimes, so I opened up the instrument to look at the mechanics. (See picture). I found that the small end of the peg was not sitting in the hole anymore and was moving around so that it catches the edge of the hole. Now- I don’t believe the button is any shorter than it used to be.. So why does it suddenly not fit into the hole? Does it have to do with the felt that wraps around the metal lever that goes through the button to operate the pad? Did the lever move to a higher position so that the end of the button peg can’t reach the hole? Thoughts? Anybody ever deal with this? Best, Eric
  6. PROBLEM RESOLVED. THANKS. Hello, Everyone. I have a Wheatstone Crane concertina that has a reed which is not firing properly. Sounds muted and a dull buzz. see video. I had taken the reed out and put it tightly in the slot again. But no luck. Any ideas? Best, Eric 56635836874__F6A258A6-E554-44DE-9164-EC968910C86F.MOV
  7. Hello, all. I am looking for a Crane with Brass reeds with at least 48 keys and good condition. Please let me know of any leads Best, Eric redbastard .com
  8. Anybody have one they're willing to sell?
  9. Great picture; perhaps the best yet! Awwww, Shucks! You guys are pretty beautifuuuuuul.
  10. I have an insurance co. I'm more interested in what was the issue that you had to make the claim for?
  11. Hmmm. Sounds like this happens from time to time- air leakage between the chambers. I had this happen in a lachenal- but I think it was due to a crack of some sort. And it's juuuuuuust starting to happen with the Wheatstone, even though I used a dampit. Any idea where I can learn more about dealing with Air leakage between chambers? threads etc? or things to look out for? Ways of dealing with it?
  12. Hi. I'm getting ready to insure my concertina- and my insurance says it covers everything except for natural wear and tear and overseas travel. I was wondering if people can cite me experiences of when their insurance came in handy? Best, Eric
  13. Mine has s/n 60 and 60 internally too, and C&S 413 impressed into the right hand bar. It also has brass reeds. I'd love to hear those brass reeds. I remember trying a student model that hand only 30 something keys on it. Very Simple Lachenal, that my friend Howie let me borrow for a bit. I thought the brass reeds had such a sweet sound compared to the steel reeds. I now have a Wheatstone Aeola Crane from 1929 with steel reeds. It's beautiful, but sometimes, I think it would be nice to also have that small little brass reed crane to play softly in the evening, as my girlfriend is sleeping on the couch!
  14. thanks guys I appreciate the ideas. I'll speak to the person I bought the concertina from and see if he has ideas regarding its history. phew! It's so delicate in there, I hate opening it up, but it's good to learn about what to do, because I can see its just something that will need attention from time to time. Great to have a support group. Best, Eric
  15. Thanks for your question- No. It's not a bushings issue. I removed the top of the action box ( so the the button is no longer having any contact with the bushings) I also unlatched the spring. At this point, the lever should be able to move freely, however the mechanism itself of the hinge of the post and the lever is sticky. It seems to be kind of too tight or gummed up or something. My first thought for such a thing would be that it needs oiling or cleaning, but I don't want to do something that would be bad for the instrument. Anyone have experience with such a thing?
  16. So- I spoke to Algar- his thoughts were as follows. The 8 sided Wheatstone Cranes only came with Black Leather bellows as far as he knew. He thought that any papers added, even if using a water soluble glue would leave residue. He also said he would not recommend using water near the bellows. As for me, I've done some initial cutouts of even traditional paper designs just to lay them on the bellows and decided I liked it better black. So there it is. Hope it helps some other person in the future. Thanks to all for your input. Best, Eric
  17. Hello, all. I received a Wheatstone Crane concertina recently from the U.K. It's a wonderful instrument, however about a week into having it my high C on the treble side is stuck. I opened the action box to check it out. The pad is not stuck, I unlatched the spring (which seems to be fine) from the lever and noticed that the lever itself is sticking at the post. It was fine when I received it. I wonder 1. What might cause such a thing to happen? 2. Any ideas of how to proceed in repairing the action? Best, Eric
  18. uhm? that was not my question. Thanks for giving me your opinion about my instrument and life. all i can think of is all those episodes of antique's roadshow: "oh, you polished it? now it's worthless..." personally, i've been wrestling with getting an antique flute from 1864 tuned into modern pitch. currently it is in Eb and out of tune with itself... if i get it retuned, it will be in D and in tune with itself. as it is now, it cannot be played in sessions. if i change it, the historical providence will be lost but it will have a new life. 3 years later and i still haven't made up my mind. the only reason i am even considering retuning it is because it is an unbelievably great flute from a completely unknown maker. if it was a rudall & rose, i wouldn't dare change it... You know, it's a really interesting topic, I guess. My first reaction was to bit reactionary. Meaning, I was a bit pissed off because I didn't like the tone and the fact my question wasn't even addressed. My apologies if I seemed rude. But someone has brought up the idea of whether or not the effects would be replaceable. Ultimately, I know who can answer these questions. I'll just ask Algar, whom I bought it from what the effects of putting papers on would be and if they are reversible without harming the instrument. My understanding from research is that with certain glues it can be removed. And I don't know if it is the original bellows or not anyway. But perhaps he will tell me differently. And Yes. THE GRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm taking it to the GRAAAAAAAAVE. Wow you people love that GUINNESS concertina. looks like it's given all of you considerable joy, eh. Ha! Not my style... My current idea is to take original papers and photoshop them to custom colors to compliment the tones of black and red.
  19. uhm? that was not my question. Thanks for giving me your opinion about my instrument and life.
  20. I am considering making custom bellows papers to glue onto my Wheatstone. It's a wheatstone black ebony ends. I think it would look nice with some red papers to match the bright red bushings. I saw some sites about how to glue on papers, but nobody mentioned if it requires a certain type or gauge of paper... Anybody have knowledge on this? Thanks, Eric
  21. starting with a dampit and an electronic humidity gage. got them both at sam ash. Feel like this is a good solution to start with Thanks for everyone's advice!
  22. Hi, Jody. The humidifier you mentioned. is it kept in the furniture for your concertinas, or is it just in the room where you keep the concertinas. Hope you are well. Eric (formerly from Brooklyn )
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