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    English concertina, Crane duet, G/D anglo, guitar, folk music
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    near San Diego, CA

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I started playing an English concertina (a Jackie) at the end of November 2010. I chose the English concertina because I read music and do not play well by ear. I was interested in learning to accompany myself while singing folk music. I now play folk songs, classical recorder music, and carols with a pianist friend on my rosewood Lachenal.


After I had played the English concertina for a year, I bought a Lachenal Crane duet. I enjoy playing it, and I am slowly learning to play harmonies with the left hand along with the melody on the right. I use it mostly for folk songs and carols.


In January 2015, I bought a 26 button Jones G/D anglo. I am delighted that I have been able to play about a dozen folk song melodies by ear within the first month. Playing the anglo is not completely new to me since a friend lent me a C/G for about six months. I learned to play carols on it, but not by ear. I returned it when I bought the Crane.


Now I have the challenge to improve on the anglo while keeping up my skills on the English and the Crane.

It is great to be retired and have the time for playing the concertinas.



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