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  1. Glad to hear your'e on the mend.i wish you well for the future.Keep playing you can keep improving after a stroke for up to 18 months!Have a good christmas,shaun.
  2. Hi Alan, i've got a Connor Jeffries and the pads click a bit,it might be my inexperienced playing but if you listen to melodeons they click as well.bd.
  3. Ah! Still no pics or price .bd.
  4. Hi there,i wouldn't think the Bastari is worth very much,you do see them on Ebay and that is probably the best direction for it.The Hohner sounds like a Pokerwork melodeon and it would be worthwhile asking on melodeon.net.I must add i am no expert and cannot be held responsible for any of your actions,i'm just trying to be helpful.bd.
  5. Hi Michael,i have a Connor Jeffries with the thin metal buttons and get black finger ends all the time,if anybody out there has got any ideas to stop it i'd like to know.On theClover i had a listen on you tube and personally i prefer the sound of the Clover.shaun.
  6. Went to a basic irish appreciation workshop at Southwell at the weekend run by the group called Tri.this was for all instruments and i have to say so far it's the best workshop i've been to.The group were very good teachers and i knew most of the tunes they used,and i would say this is the nub of it.bd
  7. Thanks Jody,that is so true.The ceilidgh band i'm trying to fit in with is a real one.various instruments last night we had a euphonium player.only problem is sometimes they are a bit fast for me yet and they have to keep the tempo because they are practicing for real gigs.
  8. Hi Dirge,you'll just have to make do with living in a beautiful country and playing the concertina it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.On the Topic i think w'ere all on the right lines.Personaly i've been playing for 18 months self taught and now trying to fit in with a ceilidgh band.If i can whistle the tune i'm half way there,i work out the fingering and breathing trying to avoid jumping using the "Dots".Short sessions and then play by memory,Phrasing comes from listening to tracks,speed is another matter altogether and i'm not worrying yet.Instead of a slow programme i record midis off "TuneFinder" on to a Yamaha pocketrack c24,this allows me to slow down or speed up the music and i endeavor to play along.I can also record myself and listen uncomfortably.I always finish a practice with something i can play to my satisfaction[listeners beware].
  9. Glad to see there are other ringers on site.Hopefully Dirge they will rehang the Christchurch bells but don't know wether this is too far away.Thanks to all for the replies it is certainly reassuring for me,as it's mainly what i've been doing it's just that i was told by a caring individual that a Metronome was the true path.Hope the thread is usefull to other people too.
  10. It's not bad thanks and i've got as far as Bob Minor.
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