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  1. Wes, if you can find out any more about him I’d be very interested as I now own his specially commissioned Wheatstone 68 key Jeffries duet system Aeola . It looks like the one in the photo of him .
  2. Nice ! It’s a pity I’ve already got one in Bb otherwise I’d be interested
  3. I’m selling my 81 key McCann Wheatstone Aeola . It’s in excellent condition, recently tuned and revalved by Theo Gibb . In concert pitch and with original case . Goes down to a very low C It’s a model 41 made in 1923. It was previously owned by Donald Pullen, well known in the ICA . It used to have a Selmer microphone inside, now removed - leaving some tiny screw holes on the side. It has a custom ergonomic hand rest designed and made by Donald, it works really well. £3,600 or near offer plus post and packing . It’s in York, UK .
  4. Thanks Peter and Stephen ! Gary Coover has also very kindly copied and sent me images of the longer version he got with his Lachenal Jeffries duet .
  5. The 68 key Jeffries duet mentioned in this thread has surfaced for sale again . It’s being sold online by Trad Musical Instruments who are in the UK . Here’s the link : https://tradmusicalinstruments.co.uk/wheatstone-aeola-concertina/ I have no connection with the seller.
  6. Has anyone got a spare hand written tutor book for the Jeffries duet that they’d like to sell to me ? (Not Gary’s great book, I’ve got one of those!) if so, please get in touch ! Thanks
  7. and it now belongs to me 🙂 it’s gorgeous
  8. For sale - a Lachenal Crane 35 button concertina, home key is C, concert pitch. All notes working, no leaks, and a sweet tone. With a hard case . Price reduced to £300 plus post and packing , or collection from York, North Yorkshire, UK.
  9. Hi Mike , did it get sold ? cheers pikey
  10. What's the date of the photo , and who are the others ? Thanks, Kevin
  11. That's great , thanks ! It could be mine , but I understand that Donald had a large collection . Mine has a modified hand support , much deeper than just a rail . I think I can see one on the photo .
  12. Thanks TJ, I've had a good chat with Richard , the other organiser, about Donald
  13. Thanks Mark, I think we're both in Yorkshire , so we could meet up sometime ! My real email is Clifton.cat @ icloud.com
  14. Thanks Mark. I'd love copies of the recordings. Where are you ? Now I'm retired a trip could be arranged !
  15. I've got a 30 key lachenal Anglo that has a similar layout to the core of this one - Ab top row, then Bb middle, then C bottom. It's actually quite intuitive if you play on the pull, and it's great for playing Buddy can you spare a dime :-)
  16. It's not in the Lord Hood anymore, the pub closed. It's now in the Star and Garter on the old Woolwich Road, just upstream from the naval college. It's a great session, and the great Anglo concertina players Bill Dudley and Sarah Crofts are usually there. Also some great fiddlers including the world famous John Offord :-) It gets going about 8:30 on every Tuesday.
  17. I've just acquired an 81 key Wheatstone McCann Aeola duet, made in 1923 , that was formerly owned and played by Donald Pullen of Barwick in Elmer ,near Leeds . Does anyone have any memories of Donald , and even better , any recordings ? I do remember seeing him play this instrument c 1978 at a concertina convention in Pontefract . Ta Kevin Holland
  18. Spotted this interesting beast, it looks like an Anglo. For auction in Scarborough, Yorkshire, U.K. This Saturday 10th December https://www.davidduggleby.com/auctions/10122016/0/297A/Large31keyConcertinapossiblyLachenal.aspx?search=Concertina
  19. Brilliant Stuart ! On my to do list for my own Jeffries duet !
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