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  1. Brilliant ! I’m dead pleased you got it . Much better than disappearing into an antique shop .
  2. The auctioneer says he can’t tell if it’s lis notes on one end and high on the other, as too few notes are playing !
  3. Tennants auctioneers have. ‘Miniature concertina’ in their next musical instrument sale . They’ve old me that it’s the same note pushing and pulling, so it’s not an Anglo. The layout doesn’t look like a miniature English, so I’m pretty sure that it’s a miniature Jeffries duet concertina. just like the one that came up about 5 years ago and was ruined by then converting it to an Anglo . https://auctions.tennants.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-3051---concertina-miniature/?lot=2439093&so=0&st=Concertina&sto=0&au=14080&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=96&pn=1&g=1
  4. Wes, if you can find out any more about him I’d be very interested as I now own his specially commissioned Wheatstone 68 key Jeffries duet system Aeola . It looks like the one in the photo of him .
  5. Nice ! It’s a pity I’ve already got one in Bb otherwise I’d be interested
  6. I’m selling my 81 key McCann Wheatstone Aeola . It’s in excellent condition, recently tuned and revalved by Theo Gibb . In concert pitch and with original case . Goes down to a very low C It’s a model 41 made in 1923. It was previously owned by Donald Pullen, well known in the ICA . It used to have a Selmer microphone inside, now removed - leaving some tiny screw holes on the side. It has a custom ergonomic hand rest designed and made by Donald, it works really well. £3,600 or near offer plus post and packing . It’s in York, UK .
  7. Thanks Peter and Stephen ! Gary Coover has also very kindly copied and sent me images of the longer version he got with his Lachenal Jeffries duet .
  8. The 68 key Jeffries duet mentioned in this thread has surfaced for sale again . It’s being sold online by Trad Musical Instruments who are in the UK . Here’s the link : https://tradmusicalinstruments.co.uk/wheatstone-aeola-concertina/ I have no connection with the seller.
  9. Has anyone got a spare hand written tutor book for the Jeffries duet that they’d like to sell to me ? (Not Gary’s great book, I’ve got one of those!) if so, please get in touch ! Thanks
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