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    Playing predominantly English folk music. Already a melodeon plyer. Just starting the concertina
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  1. I bought this from Barleycorn about three years ago. Good condition, steel reeds and plays nicely. It got me into playing but I purchased a Marcus G/D last year (I play for Morris) and so it's sitting on the shelf. It needs to go to a good home. I want to cover my costs so I'd like to get £500 for it. I live on the West Somerset/Devon border
  2. Hi Folks Early call to say that dance sides are most welcome to come along to our festival next year. Based throughout the beautiful little Somerset town of Dulverton, on the edges of Exmoor, the festival is free to everyone with concerts, ceilidhs, workshops and sessions in all the pubs. There will be workshops for beginner/intermediate melodeon players, and a workshop for playing for Morris if there is the demand. Whether you can come for an afternoon or the weekend you will be made very welcome. Free camping close to the centre of the town. www.dulvertonfolkfestival.net Matt Swindlehurst Dance side co ordinator
  3. Listen to Mary Macnamara. East Clare music seems a little slower that the usual frentic pace. She plays with great clarity so the ornamentation clearly stands out. I also think her phrasing is just about perfect.
  4. I was a friend of John's for many years. It's lovely to think that his instruments will get out there and be played. If you are the lucky recipient I hope they bring you great pleasure.
  5. Having a bit of a sort out . Need to raise funds for a new melodeon for playing for Morris. I have a 20 button brass reeded C/G Lachenal I want to part with. Circa 1928 it all works OK. Recently tuned. Looking for £150 to include postage in UK. I live in Somerset if you want to have a look at it.
  6. Just to add something. I'm now into week six of enjoying my new Marcus G/D. Its turning out to be a lovely instrument, nice action and very responsive reeds compared to my Jones. Only point is that the low G on the left hand side is very slow to respond and might restrict those who want to play an oompah left hand. I am learning Irish soit sdoesnt really matter and I also play in octaves a la Scan Tester. All in all a lovely instrument at what I consider to be a very fair price. Matt
  7. I read this. What an awful article. Sharp the 'godfather' of folk music ? Don't think so. And what about that moronic quote from the EFDSS rep (if it's true). Without Sharp there would be no ceilidh dancing ? Ethnocentricity at its worst.
  8. Seems like the usual ploys have been identified. Play more quietlym, speed up and down, include different time signatures but if all else fails, stop playing, put your instrument down and sit quietly - it makes the point !! There are some people who have absolutely no sensitivity. You'll have to find another session I'm afraid.
  9. At a loose end for the forthcoming May Bank Holiday ? Come to Dulverton on the edge of Exmoor. A beautiful little town set in some of England's finest scenery.From 5pm Friday until Monday morning there will be a festival with concerts in the town hall (Seize The Day on Saturday Night), ceilidhs and story walks. All the pubs are hosting sessions and a good time is guaranteed for all. Cost ? £5 per person, per night on the school playing fields (all monies go to the school) otherwise it's all free. www.dulvertonfolkfestival.net
  10. Just been to the Kilve Weekend run by the West Country Concertina Association. Wanted to say a big thank you to the organisers. Exceptionally well run and a very friendly event. Must go now as I have rather a lot of practicing to do !!
  11. I'm enjoying playing French dance tunes particularly Mazurkas and Bourees. Many of these use accidentals, thus helping my technique.I'm working out of a Blowzabella tune book at the moment.
  12. Hi Sue I have been playing for about four months although I already played the melodeon. I definately found it useful to practice playing ocataves. Then play around with changes on the left hand like playing one button down (or up). Then when the tune in your right hand requires a crotchet or minim play a little run with the left hand. You can also play two buttons on the left, especially the octave note and the button above it to give you a fifth (often known as a modal chord) This is great for English traditional music. Definately worth reading the three articles on John Kirkpatrick's website. Good Luck ! Matt
  13. English tunes are just great for starting. Try The Dorset Four Hand Reel and a couple of Morris Tunes, Young Collins and Princess Royal. Always start practice by playing scales slowly and accurately. I assume you have C/G instrument. Play the scale of C major on the left hand side crossing onto the G row for the top B and C, and then the right hand in the same way. Then start practicing in octaves with both hands at the same time. You will be pleased how quickly this comes to you if you can give it half an hour a day. Remember - there is NO substitute for practicing scales, intervals and other fundamentals such as triads etc. ALWAYS start your practice with these before going onto tunes Have Fun! Matt (West Somerset UK)
  14. Sorry, should have said. Yes it is Re Concertina - should have said I'm looking for an Anglo, maybe a Jones or Lachenal
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