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  1. Thanks Dick, What wonderful music! I have found a couple on YouTube that have helped..I am a beginning player, but this is the style I want to learn. by Jody Kruskal is great also. Thanks very much! Ellen
  2. Hi Daniel, Thanks for the links! I did find Rayna's tune and have been picking out the notes. Thanks for the sheet music. Also have been listening to by Jody Kruskal which I love. Thanks again, Ellen
  3. Hi there, Does anyone have or know where I can find the music for this tune? Many thanks! Ellen
  4. wow! Leave town for a day and learn so much after my "real beginner" post. I am in Bellingham. My friends play everything else (no concertina) but it looks like sooo much fun that I am determined to learn. Looks like I will buy the best 30 button anglo I can afford : and then, look out! Thanks very much for all the great input, and keep it coming. This looks like a really great online group. Thanks again elena
  5. I am in Washington State. Am looking at all the links to other instruments offered here..Thanks so much! Sounds like I need to find the best one I can afford. 30 rather than 20 button, I assume? thanks again! elenarain
  6. Hi there, I am interested in learning to play the concertina, but until I am sure it is something I can do, I am thinking of purchasing a Black Pearl anglo 20 button to start with. Is this a waste or will it give me enough to learn some basic skills and help me decide if I want to continue. Obviously, quality improves sound, but I just want something to discover a bit about concertina playing. Thanks so much for your input! I have some friends that are playing some old fiddle tunes and Irish dance songs and I would like to eventually learn to play well enough to play with them..for fun! I appreciate your input!
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