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  1. There are only 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who understand binary and those who don't. // Geekiness out
  2. Exactly! Our only purpose in life as dance musicians in the moment of the dance is to serve the dancers at all costs (the heart attack has to wait until after the dance, sorry), and how hard and challenging that is... well, you only know when you danced it... Each dance is as individual as each dance tune. Matching good fits is a craft in itself, methinks.
  3. Hi Michael, your tool kicks rear big time. Have to find a way to open your tip jar (I do not do Paypal, if you can send me account info outside of pp per pm, that would be super). A question about the incipits (aka crib sheets): What we generally need is the first few bars of the A and B (and C,D,... if applicable) parts, respectively, not only the beginning of the tune. I understand that it would require quite a bit of AI to deduct that correctly from the score, so would it be possible to splice some extra character to the abc to mark the beginning of an incipitable section (I would not mind adding those myself)? Thanks so much, keep doing the great work!
  4. It looks as if the sculpture Leonard found on google maps is different from the one Alan took pictures of - in the google sculpture, there is another person's head in between Alan's and the Bhodran?
  5. We saw the movie last night, but the scene was too short for me to make a judgement... it did not look like a One row melodeon to me as the faces of the instrument looked square. If we wait long enough, someone may rip the scene in question to the tube for us to scrutinize...
  6. What is to add? The interaction between dancers and musicians can become arbitrarily complex, and with perfect bidirectional communication between the two groups, the result is pure magic. I've had the good fortune to have had a number of opportunities to play for dancers in ceilidhs and bals recently. It is one of the most challenging and satisfying musical experiences I ever had. There are just two tidbits to add for beginners: - The best dance musicians are also passionate dancers, so whoever wants to get into dance music making is very well advised to also "try out the other side" as much as possible. - Regardless of your musical background: UNLEARN playing music from scores. Dance music is not even half the fun for either dancers or musicians when there is no eye contact.
  7. true, but imho this is just a hair-splitting interpretation of "across the flats." In either case, "squaring out" (or rectangling out, in the case of asymmetric instruments) would yield the most usable space, wouldn't it? The bottlenecks that account for wasted space appear to be the triangular corner pieces!
  8. Just for completeness (and vanity's 😉) sake: I did mention this earlier. Nevertheless, I natorally agree, but to me, the octagon is the most pleasing shape. I suspect one logistic reason for a hexagon might be that hexagon shaped objects can very efficiently be stacked on top of each other (presupposing of course that all objects have the same object size), maybe the trucking lobby has had a say here... ?
  9. The latter, sorry, I thought I had made that clear... Thanks!
  10. I actually added the like to Luke's contrib as I fully agree with him. The reason why I uncoupled this thread from the original is because I meant to focus on the more general "white males dismissing criticism on their predominance as hypersensitive fidgety-fidge" vogue. Personally, all Morris Dancers I know are far from activately discrimating others; yet, of the white old males I know (which happens to be the majority of my relations) there are quite a number who do not understand that they are in a privileged position - for the very reason that they are white and male (age also helps in many cases), thus the privileges are bought at the expense of other groups of humans. So we really do not need to discuss "white old male Morris dancers" any further here, I believe everything relevant about that blurb has already been discussed in the original thread. The thing that should we would focus on more IS the "white old male racist" stereotype itself which, as Luke justly pointed out, has simply been projected onto Morris dancers, but which has a rather serious background and justification.
  11. I have taken this sub thread elsewhere to prevent this one from being overshadowed by it:
  12. Well yes. And no. I am a white old (heterosexual, to make the bouquet complete) male, and I would never care to apologize for it, mostly on the grounds that one can only apologize for what one has done by choice, and I never asked (let alone fought) for any of the above predicates. Your statement, Simon, if affordable for you out of the luxury of never have been discrimanted against. Yet many others (most of who HAVE been discriminated against, ironcially at the end of the day mostly BY old white males on the top of the discrimation pyramid) do not have that luxury because the discrimantion is there, with or without disguise, and they are faced with the injustice that comes with that. So, to come back to the original question: I do NOT apologize for being what I am, but I am aware (very much so) that there is structural discrimination which is driven by the guild (this may be spelled with a d or t, take your pick) I am a member of, and that I am not proud of. Just because I "enjoy" the comfort of the position me and my fellow old white hetero males are in does not mean I approve of it, and I do believe we must fight the injustice (NOT the inequality itself) that goes with the inequality, even if it means I lose some or even most of my privileges. So IF the best person to fill my manager's vacant slot happens to be a lesbian woman of color, I must accept that, even if I would have been first choice in a non equal opportunity world (which still is current reality). Unfortunately, emphatic and equal opportunity thinking has become out of fashion without ever having reached its goals. Mostly due to the misunderstanding that this is NOT about ironing out differences between humans but ironing out injustices stemming from those differences.
  13. So who is the account suspected? Michael Burke or Notemaker? Peter's quote implies the latter, but that does not appear to make sense, browsing their contrib history.
  14. From my limited understanding, 3 sided would be about the worst of all possible worlds if you look at it from the "usuable vs.wasted space" perspective. Four seems to be ideal, everything above that degradingly worse.
  15. Thanks for the insight, Moll, good to know that there are other Mozart users around! I do not think that this addresses my use case, though, because I do not use the internal file format of Mozart (*.mz) but use it mostly as a front end to my abc database. The idea is to be able to combine, say, any pair of 32 bar jigs from the abc stock so that in one session tunebook, Moll in the wad is on one page with Billy Pennock's New Rigged ship and with Oyster girl in another. From my understanding and previous discussion with Dave Webber, this is not yet possible even with multiple abcs in the same file as Mozart will generate distinct documents for each tune in the file, and distinct documents apparently can not yet be collated. That is exactly the gap Michael's tool fills nicely. Dave is looking into native solutions. Thanks again!
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