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  1. I uploaded a recording of Ganivelle&Canal En Octobre onto my Soundcloud presence. I was surprised to find how difficult it is to get the simple (yet beautiful) tunes to recording quality (it's still far from being perfect, in particular the Canal). Recording Levi Jackson for some reason took much less time! I guess it's because in simple tunes, every note counts, so even slight errors will not be forgiven...


    Thanks as usual for listening!


    1. Devils' Dream

      Devils' Dream

      Very, very nice.  What is the instrument and key?

    2. RAc


      Thank you for the nice comment! 🙂


      I play a 55 button Crane Duet. The set is in the key of G - as a perceived 90% of all folk tunes in the English folk realm are, including derived keys such as A Dorian and E Minor, with variations over the D scale making up for 8% of the rest. Balfolk generally appears to be different, there is a more even distribution between C,F,Bb and occasional occurrences of G and D (none of ths scientifically backed, this is all extrapolated from the session groups I am involved with).