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  1. Added a rendition of Jenny Lind Polka (arrangement courtesy Chris Jewell, played on Holden#3, all mistakes and shortcomings are my own) to my Soundcloud presence:



  2. I wouldn't exactly call it weird. I use status updates on my profile to inform those interested about new Soundcloud publications with occasional micro discussions arising. To me that's exactly the right blend between public and private.


    The only thing is that this is not so well documented; frequently people (like you) confuse the public feed and private messages and end up posting private matters on the public feed. It would help if there was a message box reminding one about the semi public nature before posting.


    To stay really private, use the "message" button on another person's profile.


    BTW, this geature's been around forever, eben before the forum overhaul.

    1. kenneads


      Thanks RAc. I rarely use the message service and didn't realise there were public as well as private messages. Thanks for clearing this up for me. Cheers.

  3. Inspired by Daniel H.'s wonderful rendition, I learnt Rios na Banriona and eventually added it to my Soundcloud collection:

    Lios na Banriona


    I wasn't able to get hold of the composer to ask for permission. In case of any reservations. I'll remove the tune from there.


    Following Alan Day's PM suggestion, I arranged the accompaniment to include some more intersting style elements such as diatonic runs, legato patterns etc. The arrangement still falls short of  Daniel's, but I keep on trying.


    This was performed with violinist Klaus Roehing on the 2019 German Folk Camp in late July/early August in order to introduce Alex Holden's #3 Crane concertina.


    Thanks for listening!

  4. Added Waterman's Hornpipe to my Soundcloud collection. This is an unusual and very energetic and hypnotizing Shetland traditional tune. Doesn't sound much on a solo concertina, but I plan bringing it into the repertoire of my session group. The piece sounds great in an ensemble with brass instruments.


    This recording is also unusual for me because it's single take, no cuts, no post processing (except for normalizing).


    Thanks to my friends Louise and Klaus for bringing it to my attention!


    Played on my Holden Crane.


    Waterman's Hornpipe


  5. Added Linhope Loup and The Lass of Patie's Mill to my soundcloud collection:




    Still too slow and at places a little wobbly, but getting there.

    1. Rich C R

      Rich C R

      I really enjoyed listening to it. many thanks, quite inspiring.

  6. I uploaded a recording of Ganivelle&Canal En Octobre onto my Soundcloud presence. I was surprised to find how difficult it is to get the simple (yet beautiful) tunes to recording quality (it's still far from being perfect, in particular the Canal). Recording Levi Jackson for some reason took much less time! I guess it's because in simple tunes, every note counts, so even slight errors will not be forgiven...


    Thanks as usual for listening!


    1. Devils' Dream

      Devils' Dream

      Very, very nice.  What is the instrument and key?

    2. RAc


      Thank you for the nice comment! 🙂


      I play a 55 button Crane Duet. The set is in the key of G - as a perceived 90% of all folk tunes in the English folk realm are, including derived keys such as A Dorian and E Minor, with variations over the D scale making up for 8% of the rest. Balfolk generally appears to be different, there is a more even distribution between C,F,Bb and occasional occurrences of G and D (none of ths scientifically backed, this is all extrapolated from the session groups I am involved with).


  7. I uploaded a recording of Old Kiss My Lady to my Soundcloud presence:


    Coincidentally, this tune has also been added to Paul Hardy's tune book, 2018 edition.


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