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  1. I like emoticons better than emojis, to be honest. The latter are usually just silly pictures while the former can sometimes have a bit of good humour.
  2. I have seen some emoticons on the Deviant arts site some time ago. I don't know if they are still there.
  3. I can't actually think of a lot of Irish singers backed by concertina, Bertram Levy sat in on some Frank Harte recordings, as did Alf Edwards see : I am note sure it works very well but YMMV, as they say. There's probably a whole rake of bands I am not aware of using the concertina.
  4. the Had me wondering about the age of the seller, or that he perhaps had an early start at it. But never mind, the auction was ended early because of an 'error in the listing' .
  5. I popped to the shops this morning and was surprised at the relative normality I found. It was definitely quiet but the Supermarket had fully stocked shelves, social distancing protocols and contactless payments only. No mad buying, just a few elderly ladies and mountainy men getting a bit of early morning shopping. Shops and cafés appeared mostly open and people were building things and working on the road. A gorgeous spring day at last, for a little while things looked less bleak than I know they are.
  6. Not in West Clare. Or at least in part, the fibre lines end about 3/4 of a mile up the road and won't be coming our way any time soon. Which, obviously, is infuriating, frustrating and all sort of other things (hence the venting, sorry).
  7. As a sort of last chance saloon we went to a concert at the Corofin trad fest last Friday week, no concertinas involved, Liz and Yvonne Kane, Tony Linnane and Danny O'Mahoney provided some nice music. Hand sanitisers provided at the venue. Before the concert we did go into a pub for a cup of tea and listened to the session in progress had brief chats with Caoilfhionn ní Frighil and Aoife Kelly (to add some concertina related content) and ran into Steve Chambers after. We've been mostly in shut down since, two shopping trips and coffee after aside. Digging in for the foreseeable I suppose. On sunday all sports coverage on tv had been replaced by half decent movies and (trad) music programming, which suits me. Interesting times indeed.
  8. He gave his take on the thread linked above, it does, however, seem the attachment was removed. Perhaps some saved it?
  9. One of the English uilleann pipers, Seán Lally, was doing something like that for a while. He was involved in it anyway. The Floating Tionol.
  10. No doubt about that. With the weather being what it is and the Concertina Cruinniu just behind us there are a few things/players that come to mind: I recently heard a few times about a player from the Kilfenaroa area, Bridget McGrath. Like so many women she was away from the concertina but got back into it with a vengeance. Her head full of music, she'd dream up tunes. She reputedly composed Mulqueeney's hornpipe (of Molloy/Peoples/Brady fame). She kept a pencil tied to the bed with a piece of string, if she'd wake up in the night with a bit of a tune in her head she'd write the notes on the wallpaper for safe keeping. Several people told me the story the wall was covered in tunes after she died. John Killourhy was recorded saying she 'was a hundred times better player than Mrs Crotty'. Maire O'Keeffe, speaking about women concertina players in Clare last friday mentioned Bridget Dinan, some of her playing is featured in the lovely Rte Documentary the Clare travelling shop, which is about Andy McNamara's shop, operating out of Tulla. Mary McNamara mentioned during the weekend she'd often go out with her father on deliveries. In fact the concertina Mrs Dinan is playing was one that was brought back from America for Mary but, as she said, she just had acquired a Wheatstone and had no use for it so she gave it to Mrs Dinan. Bridget Dinan played until her death, in her 106th year (if I remember correctly).
  11. A reference to Gustave Courbet's painting?
  12. I don't know what you mean by 'nasty politics', never seen any of it. As to Jeremy, the site owner, he can shoot from the hip maintaining order on the site and sometimes I would question his reasons for deleting (parts of) posts and his overall decisions but 'abuse' would be a gross overstatement. Moderating a site like that is not an easy job and whatever the decisions, he's the site owner so its his prerogative to do as he sees fit. The site is what it is but if you look at the internet in general, I don't think interactions are, on average, in any way vicious or unpleasant, although they can be robust at times. The quality of tune settings will vary, as it would in a crowd sourced situation and it would be a good idea not to view the notations as by definition authoritative but on the other hand I wouldn't automatically dismiss the whole site and its content either. Like anything online, you weigh contributions on their own merit and after a while you learn which posters you can trust to make sound contributions to the tune database.
  13. until
    https://concertinacruinniu.ie/ download programme-pdf[/url
  14. This may help. From an old Steeleye Span songbook. PDF attached also. The King.pdf
  15. It's probably a good idea to post a direct link Daniel. This is how your post appears to me: During previous thread I noticed your links appear in the same way on my phone, which uses some but less heavy handed blocking of trackers etc.
  16. In the hands of well grounded traditional musicians. Surely. A lot of versions on thesession.org wouldn't fall ion that category though so a caveat emptor is appropriate. That said, I wouldn't perhaps lift versions verbatim O'Neill et al either.
  17. He's doing a job on the Rolling Wave there, The Humours of Trim, if you like.
  18. A direct link works Daniel. I think elements of the original post got blocked because of the Facebook trackers in it. The tune is one of the 'pop tunes' this summer. I have come across it numerous times and have it on a 'to do' list. John Dwyer recorded it on his own Cd some years ago. Glór is putting on a bit more traditional music after a bit of a lull. Which is a good thing, it's a nice venue. Tonight has the big Mary MacNamara do : https://glor.ie/events/morglor-award-concert-2019-celebrating-mary-macnamara/
  19. Nothing to see for me but I block trackers and all sort of unwanted stuff rigorously so that would explain it.
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