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  1. Clare library has this week quietly launched a new feature of their website: Traditional Music of Clare. A selection of recordings from private collections. A great wealth of music, including concertina players (John Naughton, Lizzie Crotty, Junior Crehan, Miko Doyle, Kitty Hayes and others. Also check out Clare singers and songs And perhaps my own contribution Photos of Clare musicians and singers and musicians and singers in Clare About the project, on the library blog [edited to fix a link]
  2. Speaking of concertinas with openings at the edges, here's an example more open than the one above:
  3. 'Modern' ABC and the ABC you're used to aren't so different, if you choose to ignore the barlines etc and bear in mind Lower case are lower octave notes and upper case are second octave notes (so def would be D'E'F' in your system) I'd think you're well under way. Notes with numbers are longer notes so G2 = G-. D |: GBA ABd | edB A2 G | GBA B3 |1 AGG G2 || |: e2 g e2 g | ege edB | ded dBd | deB BAG | cBc dcd | e/f/gB A2 G | GBA B3 |1 AGG G2 ||
  4. Best Practice is a decent alternative to the slow down music Free download here
  5. Sullivan's march as most people would play it, is a different one Jack. The one that starts: GBA ABd | edB A There are several different versions around: Willie Clancy, Pat Mitchell, Tommy mcCarthy. Séamus Ennis had yet another version which he called Sweeping Cobwebs out of the Sky, after the words he sang to it.
  6. It might also have to do with the piano tuner's practice/need to 'spread' the octaves to make the piano appear in tune, while actually the octaves are tuned increasingly 'out'. equal temperament and some peculiarities of piano tuning
  7. Total immersion in music and environment is one thing but Liam has his own sense of music and is capable of lovely subtle elegant music. I have a pic here, taken perhaps twelve years ago during one of many visits to Liam's family home, with Kitty Hayes, for a night of tunes, chat and oceans of tea.
  8. There are several sites on the web where you can hear recordings of Bach's music played on keyboard instruments tuned to what is thought to be the tuning JS used. Quite a revelation to hear the sound the music takes on.
  9. Not sure we're looking at the same listing but the one I am looking at (this one) has a fourth photo of a stamped handrail, although in fairness and on second thought, it is the left one.
  10. See this page if he out-does that performance in any of the other clips
  11. This is a recording of him playing it.
  12. You'll probably want to watch this week one on box players as well
  13. Hup! is a television series that goes out on TG4. Not sure of the house where the Hill/Linnane/Finn clip was filmed but I think I know, I know a few of the people listening in the video anyway.
  14. It always surprises me that in the UK and Ireland banktransfers are looked upon with such suspicion. On much of the continent bank to bank transfers are the standard way of paying bills etc and of getting money from one place to another. It's safe, easy and fast as well as universally accepted. Irish banks (and the UK ones) seem to create hurdles to discourage them. Paypal is scammable to an extend bu if you empty your account as soon as funds arrive you should be safe enough.
  15. It was the pipers this week, which was lovely too. Fiddles next I believe.
  16. I taught Aoibheann the pipes for years. She always had nice music, on concertina, flute, whistle and pipes. She did very well in the u18 slow air on the pipes in the All Ireland. Her heart was more with the concertina though.
  17. I just tried it again and it seems a bit temperamental, in Firefox it only started only at third attempt, it went fine in Edge and Vivaldi at second go. Best try again, it's worth it. G'luck Direct link You may want to make sure all java scripts are turned on, possibly adblockers turned off (RTE won't play anymore with adblock, grrr)
  18. Mná an Ceoil is a series of programs looking at the women in Irish traditional music. The first two programs in the series looked at harpers and Whistle/fluteplayers. Both a great watch with some great music. The one tonight (with repeat later in the week) deals with the concertina playing women of Ireland. Watch live or archives on the TG4 player : here As far as I know the program is accessible outside Ireland.
  19. In the concertina/harmonica vein there's no getting around Rick Epping and/or Mick Kinsella I would think. They have been at it for a long time.
  20. A concert remembering Dympna and raising funds for the Sláinte an Chláir hospice will be held on Friday, performers include members of the Kilfenora, the Droney Family and the Browne family, among others. At Ennis Cathedral, admission by donation.
  21. Saw a concertina pop up in another edition of the Simpsons last week. The player however was wearing wearing a stripy French jumper and a beret and the music was distinctly accordion.
  22. This page @ McAfee describes this site (the forums) is a 'high risk' and a 'malicious site'.
  23. McAfee always flags concertina.net/forums as a 'dangerous' site and doesn't let you go there unless you whitelist it and tell them you accept the risk.
  24. The photo was taken on January 5th 2008 and while there are, strange enough, occasional instances where I can remember the exact tune played when I took the shot, not so this time.
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