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  1. You can either insert images that are already on-line or uploaded to an (image hosting) website by yourself by using the image tags and the URL of the images or use the 'attach files' option of the full posting window. In any post not just when you [post a new thread, upload space on the forum is limited.
  2. Here's the rest of them : Gradam Ceoil – Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh Ceoltóir Óg (Young Musician) – Liam O’Brien Gradam Saoil (Hall of Fame) – Dónal Lunny Amhránaí na Bliana (Singer) – Rita Gallagher Comaoin (Special Contribution) – Mick O’Connor Cumadóir (Composer) – Michael Rooney
  3. Concertina player Liam O'Brien is TG4's young musician of the year 2017. Congrats on a well deserved recognition.
  4. Custy's used to sell hexagonal concertina cases. Fiddler Joe Ryan used to make the original incarnation of those, for a while at least. They did keep the concertina on its side but the carrying handle and locks were perhaps not the greatest looking ones, if efficient to use. Not sure anybody still does them. You could use the design as a template I suppose if you're going to attempt one yourself. [edit] I overlooked Steve's comment even though I expected him to mention these. I ditto having one here and the need for daylight to take a pic (which I won't if Steve does).
  5. M No problem here either. Try clearing your browser cache and try again, usually does the job.
  6. Sorry, I didn't check all pages. I had a quick skim and thought it was all there. But you're right.
  7. There are 18 versions of the site archived on the waybackmachine
  8. Spend a few winters up there. And it's one of those places where people will tell you 'we only get one heart attack here'.
  9. Eugene Lambe and Dick Grant did a few videos to document the North (and some West-)Clare characters during the eighties. Paschal Brooks was their cameraman. There are some nice bits of Micilín's playing in one of those, both on the accordion and the concertina. Also included is Mary Ellen Curtin playing the Green Fields of Rossbeigh with Micho and some cocnertinaplaying by Mick Carucan from Ballyvaughan.. Yes it is. Yes, the fiddleplayer can't (or doesn't) listen, just takes off without any regard for anyone else and after a while Tyrrell just goes along and they leave Micilín behind. I hate it when that happens. Honeymoon Reel and The Reel with the Birl?
  10. I drove up to Poulnagun this morning, to take a few snaps while there's still perhaps something left of what atmosphere was there. Any new owners will have a lot of work on their hands, drainage, keeping the Japanese knotweed down, gutting the place and rebuilding/extending it. Driving around I saw some places that were in similar state when I looked at them 22 years ago, some, like the old Ballinalacken National School, have been done up very nicely, others had half finished extensions built that were left to fall down again as failed projects. It's a harsh exposed place up there, far away from anything.
  11. I saw the title of the thread and immediately went 'we'd be riding all day'. Anyway, I'll get my coat, thank you.
  12. There's ten acres with it, that probably goes some way towards explaining the price. It's not great land up there though,backing onto a forestry too. But the Matchmaking festival is on so perhaps somebody is hoping some monied visitor will go for it. I'll see if I can drive by tomorrow, weather permitting, and take a few pics. By the looks of it, it seems Micilín's collection of hats is not included.
  13. Spelling checkers have been know to interfere with ABC input, especially case reversals. But in other contexts they can also be a nuisance. For example to type Sliabh na mBan which is a perfectly legitimate but which will inevitably get changed in to Sliabh na Mban when you have an over-active spelling checker at work. Which can be infuriating when you are trying to type a list of (Irish) tune names.
  14. When using Firefox, there an extension called BBCodeXtra. This makes it very easy and quick to put in quotes, image tags, hyperlinks, and a rake of other things you may want to use in forum posts, In Bulletin Board Code as well as HTML (depending on the forum you're posting to).
  15. David, it's for that reason I asked darticus to be a bit clearer about the music he was hoping to play. Some time ago I visited a friend who is essentially an ear player but while experimenting with duet concertinas he ventured into playing pieces like The Entertainer and pieces by Bach, stuff you go to the sheet for initially. For simple music, Folk music, Irish Traditional etc, going by ear is perhaps the easier and arguably better option. But it all depends on the what and who, there isn't really a one size fits all type of advice for this.
  16. Perhaps you could provide slightly more information, what type of music are you playing, do you still want to learn your repertoire from a printed source or are you aiming to let that go in some cases and become less dependent on it (in other words, are you aiming to play by ear/). That sort of thing. In general terms I would suggest that when you learn a piece from sheet and have it practiced well enough, and absorbed the music, you'll easily go from only needing the sheet as an aide memoire to not needing it at all. For a novice player this may take some time and practice (feeling 'at home' with your instrument and knowing your way around it is important but only comes with the time you spend with it). Play a lot in other words.
  17. It'll still be there, archived on the wayback machine : angloconcertina. org @ archive.org
  18. I wasn't particularly thinking of beginners. Let's put it this way, on Friday night I was at the concertina concert of the Willie Clancy Summer School. Arguably the highlight of the Irish concertina calendar. When the concert was over I told a friend 'a great one this year, none of your typewriter players'. He knew exactly what I meant (and perhaps who, although I wasn't really aiming at anyone in particular). It's really the difference between people who play music and people who play notes or roll off tunes by the yard. My point above was really there are poor and inarticulate players playing any instrument and it is rather silly (to put it politely) to put away any instrument as 'not known for their articulation'. The closing concert of the Concertina Criunniú early this year included Dan Brouder and Angelina Carberry. Some ignoramus could say 'accordion an banjo, what can go wrong?' while the music was lovely. It all depends who's doing the driving.
  19. A bit of a nonsensical and deeply uninformed remark, that one. Like with any instrument it fully depends on which player/style you listen to and for any instrument you will find players who treat music like a mere stream of notes. E.g. the concertinaplayers I usually refer to as 'typewriter' players.
  20. Thank you sir. There will be a few nights you remember and you make a few appearances there yourself. It's good to have a collection of faces up there. And awful lot of them are now gone. Going through the negatives is a strange mix of sadness and happy memories. I have an awful lot more negatives to go through but unfortunately the librarians responsible for these projects and the content of the website, Anthony Edwards and Maureen Comber, have left Clare Library starting today. It looks like they won't be replaced. So what's up there now is up but it's not likely anything will be added in the near future at least. But, for my part, a wider selection of pics will be going to ITMA and that will be my next project.
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