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  1. It's in her kitchen, summer 2001. Done for 'A touch of Clare' but they wanted one of her playing (they hadn't said) so they used one of their own. Shot a roll of 35mm film and a 120 roll, 6x6, window to one side and a a roof light overhead. I had prints of it for sale when I was selling photos through Custy's so you could have seen it there. Still have the box of old stock of that sitting here, slowly weathering/withering in the West Clare dampness.
  2. No, it just means I called time on it. May 17 will be the tenth anniversary of Kitty's death. Cherish the memory.
  3. It probably easy to overestimate the demand for this sort of recordings and mind you, Touch of Clare has had a good run, it probably has been available longer than any of the others mentioned on this thread. But from an economic point of view there comes a point where demand just becomes too small. I agree with you on digital versions, I don't fancy them and never wanted to go that road for 'They'll be Good Yet', and I had a few people shouting at me online for it too, when it first came out. I'd never buy digital music although if all else fails the digital samizdat will have to do. I did get the Lucy Farr one that way too. It never 'feels' quite the same though.
  4. Well, I can tell you it's very daunting to have several thousand CDs sitting in boxes in the corner of the room, hoping they will eventually go. It's a large stack of big boxes. You reach a point where perhaps 95% of people who may want a CD of this kind have bought it and you will have to take a hard look at the viability of a re-print, taking into account the minimum order of 1000 copies and the economics of it. It may not have been my main consideration when letting 'They'll be good yet' slip away, but it was a consideration. I am sure the same goes for the other CDs you mentioned.
  5. It's a matter of viability that has to be considered as much as anything else. Custy's kept 'Touch of Clare' going for a few years after she died, there's still a few copies of 'remembered' around. I had to decide on a re-print of 'They'll be good yet' around the time she died but with her gone I didn't feel like keeping it going so the book on that one is closed. I can't speak for the other two CDs. I haven't seen 'Touch of Clare' in the shops for ages but I'll keep an eye out. The shop facebook page linked above is not Magnetic Music's, I don't think that still exists. It's the Traditional Music shop, a different outfit. Nicer, FWIW.
  6. It's sold out. Ask at Custys (just to be sure) or hope for a second hand copy.
  7. That's not a mobile number. A Limerick landline, most likely.
  8. I have encountered very lovely, fast and well made Lachenals, both two and three row ones. Hot rodded ones as well. Mediocre ones too. Hybrids, meh, not my cup of tea but it takes all sorts. The trick is in making informed purchases and getting yourself whatever makes you happy. .
  9. A trueism if ever there was one. The same cane be said of any well made anything at all.
  10. That's easily fixed, most of the concert is on yertube: Finbar Furey, 'Kitty' : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5bHy1i_ep4
  11. Himself being unable to string a coherent sentence together is one thing but D'Arcy talking to him like he was talking to a toddler or his wife talking about him like wasn't even there (you have to ask him open questions..). The indignity of it. Sorry, cross post, responding to Terence's above. Hill is listed for the concertina criunniu next month with TrIona ni Domhnail. Unexpected combination.
  12. As I mentioned above it above I'll follow through: here's the link to the McGowan and Victoria Mary Clarke interview on RTE last night https://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/10829506 I saw a little bit of it and thought it was excruciating and unbearable to watch.
  13. While we're on both video/film stuff and Noel Hill this may be of interest : see also http://tradfest.ie/event/noel-hill-aisling-ghear/
  14. FWIW, McGowan will be talking about his 60th thing to Ray D'Arcy on RTE tonight. Up on the http://rte.ie/player/ tomorrow (usually for about a week) You do realise Terence, you were the first and only one to throw a negative into the thread.
  15. These are days for revisiting the background sounds of the nineties, in your head.
  16. Same thing really Wolf. Comhaltas mammies is the appropriate one here I suppose. Especially the Fleadh is their time to shine, through their offspring.
  17. As Geoff says, market forces. Dealers come over to sell concertinas (flutes and fiddles as well and accordions, whatever is in demand). Even decades ago at festivals (vintage) instruments would be sold out of the back of a car, or from rooms/shops rented for the duration. It's nothing new and with so many aspiring players, it is not likely to stop any time soon.
  18. FWIW, I spent some time wandering around the Fleadh this year, I thought I might as well while it was near (I wouldn't travel to it). I walked around during the daytime and took snaps of musicians playing in the street. Spot the concertinas in this selection and see what's being played.. Pics will be up for a week.
  19. I know where the mistake originates (I was given a copy of the tape by the same person well over a decade ago) and pointed this out to the librarian at Clare library working on the page (she had me look at the page to spot mistakes before it went up) but she let it go up as 'Patrick Kelly' anyway. It is a recording made by Ciarán MacMathúna and Ned Nugent (his soundman) for RTE.
  20. That is actually a mistake, it's not Patrick Kelly who is playing with her there but Kathleen Harrington.
  21. All other things aside, the Devil's Rock is noteworthy for its closing sequence which features R.O'Meally playing the pipes. The only existing footage of him playing, as far as I am aware. I didn't recognise the tune played on the concertina although it sounds, in part at least, somewhat familiar. Video played fine in Ireland, by the way.
  22. Not necessarily. Best known players to play both (at the same time), Rick Epping and Mick Kinsella, play English. Food for thought, perhaps.
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