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  1. 5 hours ago, RAc said:

    He (Colm Browne) apparently comes from a muscal background and family (judging from the collection on youtube featuring him).

    Colm is from Cree on Clare and has a great musical pedigree, last year he won the O'Riada medal for his playing. Noel Hill did the presentation of the medal during the 2022 Willie Clancy week. I posted a pic of that at the time. Lovely player.

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  2. I am not sure that is correct Gary. I have my copy in front of me and there is no sign it was released by Claddagh. They may have taken care of distribution (I had a distribution deal with them around that time, that's how they worked at the time with independent releases) but the initial release at least was on  Tim's own label,  Croisín music CM001.

    Discogs has the same infofmation: Discogs - Dancing on silver


    Contacting the man himself is probably the best way to find out what the story is.

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  3. 2 hours ago, hjcjones said:

    I don't think the length of time need be a consideration. This is music which doesn't quickly fall out of fashion


    Ofcourse but there is a variety of reasons why musicians put out recordings and  the passing of time can mean a musician has moved on from the original intention and prefers to leave the recording  in the past.


    I don't, ofcourse,  know if that is the case here but in general there can be all sorts of reasons why a recording isn't left to linger. 


    Sometimes waiting for a second hand copy is your best option. I have seen Dancing on silver come up on ebay and in a charity shops in the past. There are no copies on Discogs but one sold there for 4 euro in April so that may be worth keeping an eye on.

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  4. I don't know. I have been in the situation where people on the Internet were telling me off for not making a particular recording available for download. At the time I found it too much hassle (and to be honest, I didn't really wanted to carry it further after my duet partner died,). That was over fifteen years ago, things may be different/easier now but that aside, I made a decision to not keep the recording 'out there', even if the odd request still comes in.

    Tim may look upon these things differently, I don't know. But sometimes it's time to move on from something rather than let it linger.

     It's nearly twenty years since Dancing on silver first came out, it's a long time to keep it available, especially if new projects and circumstances take up one's attention.


    FWIW, I have a copy sitting somewhere.


    Cross posted with previous post


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  5. 3 hours ago, David Lay said:

    ..please ask him to offer it for sale on Bandcamp or elsewhere.

    Considering it was published in 2004,  I imagine it's long since sold out and offering it for download is really not worth the hassle unless you are likely to meet high demand.




    On 7/25/2023 at 5:56 AM, Ptarmigan said:

     After all, quite a few of the Kerry Polkas are actually adapted & reinterpreted Scottish tunes. 


    I originally learned these from Jackie Daly when we were playing for the sets in Gleeson's of Coore. Jackie in turn got them from Andrew McNamara, who in turn had them from Bane and Malley.


    There was always a bit of banter from some people when Jackie was playing his Kerry tunes, along the lines of him importing 'foreign' tunes into West Clare. As an antidote he played these and always stressed, tongue in cheek,  they were 'Clare polkas'.


    While these aren't Kerry polkas, Joe Bane did have a surprising number of tunes that originated in Scotland, albeit slightly mangled and processed through his own musical mind. I always wondered where he picked up all of those.

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  7. Here are a few of the usual suspects, at Friday's concert:


    Mary MacNamara:





    Caolfhionn Ní Frighil:







    Cormac Begley:




    Michelle O'Sullivan:



    Colm Browne:




    Francis Cunningham:



    Sorcha Curtin & Caroline Tubridy-O'Dea:




    Jacqui McCarthy:









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  8. I think it's in everybody's interest to have smooth functioning postal system. To pretend there is some sort agenda or no interest in the EU in having things function smoothly is  as I said, just plain silly. The fact these last few posts attempt to lay the blame at the EU's door, framing the UK as the EU's arch enemy is telling, you poor little mites,   but let's not go there.

    I used to buy quite a few things from the UK but have been avoiding this since Brexit 'got done', due to the cost involved (shipping cost, not customs charges) and unreliability of the UK postal system (as well as the UK dropping out of EU consumer protection laws).

    In reality it is cheaper and more efficient to get items sent from the continent (to Ireland). The few times I did order from the UK, due to a lack of alternatives,  postage was expensive and delivery was slow with packages sitting around warehouses in England for at least a week (followed by next day delivery once they made it to Dublin sorting facilities).

  9. 2 hours ago, RogerT said:

    I assume this is because *all* imports to the UK have to be processed through customs, whereas EU countries have no interest in having working and efficient processes from non EU countries.



    That statement is just plain silly.

  10. 'Yes it is a crutch, but one that might help her  "Get on her feet", after which it can be discarded. '


    It can, perhaps, but I also know a lot of musicians who didn't or couldn't. From that point of view I would avoid the connection drink - music.


    A better solution may be, if you do want to play in public, to ease yourself into playing with others by sitting down with a person or persons you know well and are comfortable with and play, not necessarily in a public space, rather than to hop into a session.


    9 minutes ago, Clive Thorne said:

    .If she's a drinker than a couple of drinks might help with the nerves

    I am not sure that's good advice. But that's just me, probably. It's  a crutch at best, and one that won't be any good in the long run.


    Some people like to 'perform',  others not so much. Putting on the pressure to play 'out' on the more reluctant ones is just that, more pressure. 


    Let them get there, or not, on their own terms, in their own time.

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  12. Some years ago TG4 showed it a number of times. It was briefly on YouTube but was taken down quickly. I don't know if it's  still online anywhere.

    There are trailers online, but not the whole thing, as far as I can see:



    I did download it at the time, the file is 250-ish Megabyte, as far as I remember.  Hmm, let me think about that for a minute..

  13. In the documentary about Eithne's life,  'Idir Dhá Shaol’ , this song announces the story's final stages, the descent towards its conclusion.  I can't hear it since without feeling that sense of foreboding and sadness.

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