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  1. While visiting a museum in remote Cooktown (Queensland, Australia) I saw a battered old concertina on display that had apparently been owned by a prospector during the Palmer River gold rush which began in 1874 and lasted until about 1890. This was one of the most dangerous and inaccessible locations in Australia, so whoever played this instrument must've had a hard life. The music from this concertina would have been very welcome in such a harsh existence. A miner's diary from 1874 mentions how the sound of a tin whistle had lifted his spirits during the hard slog to the diggings. The instrument's maker was Joseph Scates of 85 Renshaw Street, Liverpool. I've attached three photos taken through the glass display case.
  2. I sold this instrument back in 2012 to a folkie living in Queensland and the money raised went to my late friend's relatives.
  3. Found an old catchphrase about the, er, pastimes of British sailors, dating back to the 1800s: “Ashore it’s wine, women and song; Aboard it’s rum, bum and concertina."
  4. I haven't sold this concertina yet, so if there's anyone in Australia after a nice instrument then give me a call. At the National I got feedback that the asking price was too high and I'll be more realistic about its value now. Ian
  5. I'm going to the Turning Wave festival in Gundagai NSW (15-18 September) and could take the Lachenal with me if anyone's interested in playing it.
  6. Condolences on the loss of your friend. What a lovely looking instrument. Is it safe to assume that, absent any comment on the instrument's key, it is a C/G box? What are the novelty sounds? I've seen birds and baby cries before, but who knows what things might be possible. Yes, it's a C/G anglo and the funny sounds are squawks and whistles. I suppose they could be retuned to something more useful. Makes you wonder how they were used originally.
  7. A good friend has died and I'm selling his anglo concertina on behalf of the family. I'd prefer to sell it to someone in Australia to avoid the hassles of international freight etc. The serial number is 76192 which I think dates it to around 1899. Chris Ghent checked it out and said it was the best Lachenal he'd played, and it's in good condition. It has 30 buttons plus a button on each end with 'novelty' sounds. I live near Sydney NSW and I'm looking to sell it for A$3500. Some photos should be attached. There's no hurry to sell it, and hopefully it'll go to a player who will treasure the instrument. Regards, Ian
  8. no worries - I'll let you know when I'm next heading in to a session
  9. hey Joe Boo! ?? Bring it along to a session. I have been looking for a project -Joe-B^)
  10. my first post here: I've recently discovered a 57 button Wheatstone MacCann duet (no. 31473) in Australia that probably hasn't been played for the last 50 years or so, and I'll be selling it 'as is'. If people are interested in it I'll put some photos and a description up on this forum. cheers, Ian
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