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  1. I'm hoping to sell my slot on Jurgen Suttners waiting list. My order is due March/April of 2019. I'm sure you can order whatever you prefer as he has not started my order. I was looking to get a 30 button C/G with either Ebony or Metal ends. I would like to be reimbursed for my deposit (400.00 USD = 329,38 EURO) and in return give up my spot in line. I have chosen to give up on the Concertina and focus on my main instrument. If you have any interest please reach out and we can coordinate the details with Jurgen. Thanks,
  2. Looking to sell my 32 button C/G Lachenal Anglo. See link below for more details. $1950.00 for private sale. In very good working order. Reach out for more pics, sounds clips etcetera. Thanks, https://reverb.com/item/16348166-lachenal-c-g-anglo-concertina-32-button
  3. Hello, I'm in the market to purchase my Wife a good playable c/g Anglo Concertina for Irish traditional music. This will be her first concertina. Ideally, I would like to be around $1500 if possible. I may be able to up my budget if the right steel reed instrument came about. Located in the US. Please PM with offerings. Thanks for viewing....
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