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  1. Every time I play the concertina people who see me say "ow! what a nice accordion you have" and I say "it's not an accordion it's a concertina" and they say "a what!?" so I say "a CONCERTINA, (roling my eyes) you know the thing in pirate cartoons" and then I'm luckey if they say "oh! why didn't you get a REAL instrement?" How many times has this happened to you?
  2. I didn't realy understand much what I understood is that some like accordions and some hate them. Basicly I just want to play music, I already asked which concertina I shuold buy and I'm convinced Jackieis the best concertina for me. The thing is I got to concertinas threw looking at accordions(becouse I was originaly interested in them) and I started reading about them and watching videos. I dont have expireance in music. As I see the advantages & diadvantages of the accordion(the only accordion I'm interested in is a 120 button accordion like one seen here ) for meAccordion Advantage: 1. It can play more types of music. 2. It's more impresive. 3. There is not much of a concertina comunity at all where I live (israel). Concertina Advantage: 1. The kind of accordion I wan't is about 2000$ which is way way over my budget, where as a prety good concertina is 350$. 2. A concertina is more unique hence more original. 3. It seems simpler to learn and play a concertina. 4. It's lighter and more portable. 5. If I decide to switch to an accordion I can easely sell the concertina for almost the same price (at least that's what I was told on this site) hopefully in israel too. Concedering I'm still young and I'm just begining maybe when I'll have more money I'll buy an accordion or another instrement so if anyone knows anything about what I said please comment (I'm kind of in a hury about this). Thank you.
  3. I'm wondering which is better for sea shantees or the music from Monkey Island(if you know the game). there is and there is plus you can play clasic music on an accordion like here or it seams you can play on accordion anything you can play on a piano
  4. Hi, I'm going to buy a concertina (Jackie) but I'm also maybe interested in an accordion and I was thinking about the difrences and similarities. 1.If I learn to play the concertina will it be easier for me to play a button accordion? 2.Are the sounds both instrements make simmular? and in what way? 3.Are the type of songs played on both instrements same type? 4.Is there a point getting them both? is supirior to another? thanks for the help.
  5. Well I'm convinced, I'll get a Jackie just one thing isn't it harder to play with only three fingers availible?
  6. 1. I live in Israel. 2. By pirate songs I mean "Drunken Sailor", and songs from spongebob or monkey island but I'm interested in all music anyway. I've noticed that the anglo(Rochelle) has 30 notes(x2 because it makes a diferent sound if you pull or push) or you could say 60 and it is the same in expensive anglos, while the english has only 30(not x2) and it has more in the expensive ones(but still not as much as an anglo) meaning the jackie dosn't have all notes but a rochelle does. I might be wrong so correct me please.
  7. thanks for the answers, if i may add what is better for pirate songs and which has the most notes rochelle, jack, jackie, or elise?
  8. Hello, I live in a contry that dosn't sell concertinas at all, so I'm going to get one from america. The thing is I don't know which one should I buy, an english concertina or an anglo concertina? Concidering I don't really have any experiance in music and I'm planning to play mainly for fun not in a band or something, plus I like pirate songs. What's better or easier to play? Can you play all songs on both? Secondly, if I buy an english one should I get a jack or a jackie? If I get an anglo should I get a rochelle or bonneti from ebay. Third, are the cocertinas on http://www.concertinaconnection.com'>http://www.concertinaconnection.com any good because it says they are made in china unlike the bonneti which is made in the U.S.A.? Last, my mom is going to America in a week and going to be there for two weeks so my question is do http://www.concertinaconnection.com have a fast shipment? Sorry for all the questions, hope you'll answer soon P.S.- 350$ is kind of my limet.
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