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  1. Thanks John very helpfull advise. I already know how to play majors and minors and a little dim, and now I know which ones to use. But the hard part is to figure out what fingers to use because some need stay so I can play the melody and also having to play in different speeds. I wonder if I can just not use chords in some of the tune (where it's hard) and it won't sound weird.
  2. I've tried to play chords(two first notes not three) with Bear Dance on C Major (or A Minor i'm not sure but never mind) on a higher octave but it's very hard even though the melody is prety easy for two reasons: 1) because I'm using two extra fingers on each hand I nead to plan each time exactly what fingers to use. 2) Bear Dance is a polka which is hard to change the notes in the chord all the time because I have to play in two diferent speeds on each hand which is vertualy imposible unless you have insanly good cordination. this is frusterating I'll try reading the guide Steve Mansfield gave.
  3. when you say trial and error what do you mean I don't realy know if it sounds right or not. and you're saying there isn't some kind of mathmatical rule of what chords to use?
  4. just a few quistions is there some way to know what chords to use? when i play the chords to press three, two, or one notes?(what if it's a D7 or something?)
  5. is it even posible to play something like that on any kind of english concertina? is it only a jackie that's incapable?
  6. wow that seems pretty complicated thank you anyway. I would be glad if anyone could send me a link with a score that has chords or ocompanyment in them. the thing is I know how to play chords on the EC it's just there's no room and I'm not going to buy any new one soon. I've learned about 10 tunes from paul hardey's basic tune book and I'd like to advance so if someone could post a video explaining or a score that would be great. id like to be able to play like this bear dance.
  7. i wan't to learn how to play with chords or some kind of ocompinament (in other words playing with more than one note pressed) but i don't know how what to do? I play the EC Jackie so there about 2 1/2 occtaves which is difenetaly not enough for chords. what to do?
  8. I read that Giulio Regondi used to play the EC and he even composed for it. can someone tell me where I can find any of the sheets he composed for thr EC (not guitar).
  9. my friend and I play together he has a guitar and I have a Jackie (EC) all we've play so far is drunken sailor. So can you recomend any tunes whith notes (for the EC) & chords (for the guitar).
  10. I have a Jackie and I noticed there us white powder next to the buttons in other words the buttons are crumbling. should I be worried? what to do?
  11. is it only me or is the guy not even playing it and just pressing the air button?
  12. I'd like to learn a song that's good for the concertina especially for the EC Jackie (accordion reeds if relevant) something fast and a little complicated maybe something Irish or Celtic or something like that. So if you can recommend one and add the notes and a youtube vid of someone playing it that would be great.
  13. I've seen House MD not long ago and I happened to notice a concertina so I had to find out which one it is.
  14. I'm too scared to take it apart will puting a sponge on the sides help?
  15. The nieghbors started complayning the only time I have to play is at night is there any way to make it quieter? Is it so loud in all models (I have a Jackie)? I seem to recall someone writing in on of the forums that she play a concertina with her accordion playing husband and it's way louder.
  16. That's really good how'd you manage to play all that without resting it on your knee? anyway so you say to read piano notes and in the chords to drop the lowest note.
  17. Which kind do you play Anglo or EC or duet/ The beauty of the concertina is that you can build up chords from 2 notes played together to more complex. most songs benefit and a lot of tunes do if used sensitively I play an english (jackie). Aren't chords suposed to be 3 notes?
  18. Is the concertina intended for chords too? Are there any song for the concertina that use chords?
  19. ido

    finger rest

    I place my little finger there strait not bent it just feels natural and more comfertible when I try bending it I simply can't play what to do?
  20. Are the accordion reeds(in the concertina of course) lowder than concertina reeds?
  21. I play a jackie I began playing about a month ago. I'm studying from the book that came with it and I kinda took a long pause in the area of "London Bridge" and started to play music that's a little more suficticated(not very difficult, but defenetaly more than "London Bridge") now I began using the book again but I feel like I'm steping back and I don't want to skip parts of the book. What to do?
  22. I have a Jackie and it says it has accordion reeds,what does that meen? Do vintage concertinas have different reeds? How does it effect it? Feel free to to elaborate.
  23. it's not that I say it's a cartoon toy it's just the only place where they are familiar with it, besides they don't make fun of it they just wonder why I havn't chosen a more conventional instrament like a guitar.
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