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  1. just somewhere I can try to play a concertina (different than mine).
  2. any one know a concertina place or something in NJ passaic? and if not so at least NYC.
  3. thanks for the replies but what is the price? more ecpensive than a concertina?
  4. is a bandondeon a kind of concertina? or a different kind of instrement which kind is it most like(anglo, english, duet). how much dose it cost do any of you play one and is hard (I'm not planing to buy one in the near future just curius).
  5. wow I've just seen the list Leo gave me and OMG it would take me like 20 hours to find all those movies(only the ones in the list with a concertina in them) I guess I'll only collect cartoons.
  6. I want to make a video with every concertina ever shown on a a movie or tv so if you can wrie it here it would be nice. I alreadt know allot but the more the better
  7. two qustions 1.explain the hole docter thing. 2.what's? a concertina face? every one seems to get this here besides me
  8. I didn't compleatly get ben's joke the names of the docter are like names of known concertinas or something? any I don't have that proplem probably because I can't affored more than one concertina and even that was just a 350$ jackie (now it costs 365$) and not a 3000$ concertina. but I kind of have with musical instraments in general though I still don't have enough money for that either but when I'll be older maby I'll beable to aford these things.
  9. ido

    pain in thumb

    well I went to the doctor and hopfully I'll be able to play again in no time so I guess the thread can be aficialy closed.
  10. ido

    pain in thumb

    thanks for the aswers but I think I might not be holding it corectly mybe Im putting my thumb too deep. well I know this is a concertina forum but if we are on the subject of ergenomics so, I've started playing piano last week and my hand muceles are sore any tips? and again sorry for putting a piano quistion in a concertina forum.
  11. ido

    pain in thumb

    I started having pain in the conection between my hand and thumb (right hand). it passes after a while but evry time I play it again the pain comes back. any I decided to take a break for a week or two. any suggestions on what to do?
  12. I think it can be helpfull if you wan't to be able to play a song or tune from memory in the right key. or if you want to tune a guitar without a tuner though I guess it not really nessesary and it will come in time.
  13. I've been trying to develope perfect pitch for the past few days by playing the C note over and over again and it is hard I kind of remember but I make many half tone mistakes its pretty frusterating. I hope that I'll be able to abtane it. I wonder how many of have it? and how importent is it for a music player. I read that developing relative pitch is more important but my relative pitch isn't bad. It sucks that I wasn't born with perfect pitch.
  14. thanks for the help. Unfortionatly my jackie only has 30 buttons so I can't play most of the tunes I guess I'll just learn some new song and some more instrument and explore the wonder of the musicle world and in a few years when I'll have more time and monny I'll upgrade the concertina and advance.
  15. not that im planing to upgrade in the the near future but Im curiuse to see the peacock and know its price and how many buttons and folds it will have. so dose anyone know when its coming out and I can see it or anyting else about it?
  16. I've been playing the EC (Jackie) for about a half a year now and for the past month or two I don't feel I'm progressing there is nothing more for me to do. I know I'm obviosly not amazing and I still have much to progress and I'm not planing to abandon the concertina in the near future but for now I started studying guitar and still play the 'tina every day(but I'm a little sick of playing the same level tunes (paul hardy's basic tune book) anyway after babling on here comes the qustion. Is there an Etude (like there is for a piano) for the concertina or in other words, can someone post or tell me about a piece written for the EC that trains your skills?(not nececeraly a song or a tune that sounds nice). Hope I was clear enough. P.S. I would like to have note sheet or something (I just want chalenge). P.P.S. Please take into concederation I have a Jackie (only 30 buttons).
  17. ive just spoken on the internet with some random guys from the world(chatroulette) and when i heard they are from ireland or uk i just had to ask if they know what a concertina is. and every one i asked knew what it was (I only asked 2 people but still). is it that they known what aconcertina is like everyone else knows what a guitar is or was i just luckey and how known is it in other parts of the world like usa and germany or france and what not?
  18. after sudenly noticing concertinas in nearly every disney movie I dicided to make cartoon video enjoy! P.S. the video may only be 51 seconds long but belive me it took much longer to make it.
  19. ido

    neck strap

    32$ for a neck strap is alot there is nothing cheaper? why does it cost so much? what is it hand made?
  20. ido

    neck strap

    I'm looking to buy a neck strap for the EC. what prices can I get it at?
  21. thanks michelle, I think I'll ask on the bigist Israeli forum. I guess I have to visit another contry well at least I'm going to america this summer I'll see then.
  22. thanks, concertina.org doesn't work it sayes the service is temporarily unavailable I Guess I'll try again later.
  23. Ooh! Bumping your own thread after less than 3 hours? Is it impatience, or just enthusiasm? Well, I was pretty sure Israel had been mentioned before, so I did a quick Search of the Forums for the word "Israel" and came up with the following: In this post from 2005, Stephen Mills mentions "the 2 players I know of in Israel". And in this post (where the quoting enclosures are incorrect, but the boldface is Stephen's fresh text) he further clarifies with "speaking to the ICA member in Israel, as I have, I find he can name only one other player in Israel." Are there more today, or fewer? I don't know. But contacting the ICA (some of whose members are also members here) might be one place to start. Looking further, in 2007 member nart posted, "I live in Israel...." Unfortunately, his/her profile indicates no activity since July 2010 and no email pass through. It's not much, but it does suggest that there might be a few more concertina players in Israel, though I wonder how you might discover them. (Look for groups interested in Irish music? Or does Israel have any Morris dancers?) But as richard has suggested, you're probably better off looking elsewhere if you want to buy an instrument. Well I waited about 13 hours before but never mind that. I'm not looking to by a concertina as I mentioned I own one just to mabby find a teacher or see diferent concertinas other than mine. What is the ICA (I assume it's "Israeli Concertena Association"), how can I reach them?(google doesn't help)
  24. I live in Israel and own a Jackie EC and was wondering if anyone other than myself plays a concertina (or even knows what it is). At first I searched in google but nothing to be found exept a short wikipedia, page some people asking what it is (because the word apears in some barely known israely song), and other things that have the name concertina. I went to the music center in my town and next to the accordion teacher's door there was a poster with people playing an accordion, bandoneon, harmonica, a button accordion, a concertina, and all those stuff. I asked if they teach concertina and they said they'll check and call if they find something. I don't know anyone who's about concertinas. So I go to you and ask if you know anything about concertinas that has to do with israel: a teacher, a place that sells them or a person who plays them, or anything else realy please tell me. all I want is to touch another concertina or learn from someone or have someone to talk to about it. Even just knowing there's someone else aut there. sorry for the long post.
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