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  1. Here is the inside as requested
  2. Hello Carl, Before any reasonable evaluation can be made we would have to see the inside of the reedpan. Does your concertina have alluminium or brass shoes or frames? Are the reeds in a dovetailed reedpan? What condition are the bellows? Does the serial number on the Wheatstone badge match the serial number on the inside of the reedpan? Is the concertina tuned to the standard concert tuning? In the event that you need assistance you can contact Willie van Wyk from Rayton (Pretoria) at phone number 012-802-1104 - he does not live too far from you. Your asking price of $4,200 or R30
  3. this is the reason why I am here. I highly appreciate it. This instrument was my grandfathers and it is stil in it's original form. I am hesitant to open it becase of it still being in this form. If it was a set of drums or a guitar it would be easy for me. Is it safe for me to open it up, I have attached som more foto's. Linota is also ingraved upon it and it seems if it has brass within it. I really hope this could help
  4. Then why not just keep it and not worry about its monetary value? if I could I would
  5. it is strange that the value on this instrument was done in 1998 and that time it was worth much more. I am trying to find a honest opinion on this instrument. I have had offers for more and thought it would lead to some one who is able to help me on the value. I have had a lot of responses already also an e-mail from wheatstone also traces it back to to 1937-1940.I also know it is hard to trust others opinions some people are dishonest taking chances on people who are not so clued up on these things. Please take into account I am not saying this of you at all. I am just carefull when it comes
  6. Could Someone please help me with the value of this C. Wheatstone serial number 50065 made approx in 1937-1941 in London. I have attached the photo of it .Please help me.
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