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  1. Thanks, Wolf!! I am glad you like it.


    Yes, I definitely don't want to sell this concertina, but I have to make some money for staying in Ireland... Sometimes it's time to invest something.. That's why I mentioned that I am looking for someone who will respect and love this instrument like I do

  2. Hi all,


    I am selling 30 buttons Carroll Noel Hill Model C/G Concertina. Made by Wally in November 2014 (#1419 or 160).


    Standard Carroll layout, D-drone.

    Comes with a hard case.


    Just amazing instrument. Demo is here:

    I am really happy with this concertina but I want to buy vintage concertina now.


    Price: 7000 EUR (could be discussed).

    Located in Moscow, Russia till the end of August. Since then I will move to Ireland (Ennis, Co. Clare or Limerick)


    P.S. I would be happy to swap this concertina to 30 buttons Wheatstone Linota Black or nice 30 buttons С.Jeffries (C/G).

    Let me know if someone is interested.


  3. Hi there,
    I'm selling great 26 buttons Wheatstone Linota.

    Rosewood ends. Excellent condition.

    Selling reason - buying my new Carroll Concertina.

    Here is video with my playing this Wheatstone. Hope you like it. http://youtu.be/BGx--7xL_l0

    Price 2500 Euro (could be discussed). Free worldwide shipping.

    If you want to get a great instrument for a good price, this is your chance. The same concertinas with 30 buttons should be more than 5000 euro.

    PM me if you are interested.







  4. Hi everyone,
    I have lovely Wheatstone Anglo concertina for sale. Metal ends, new metal buttons, revalved, respringed, repaded. Great sound and action.

    Price 2500 Euro

    If anyone interested please PM. Sound samples will be sent by request.







  5. Hi all,


    I have a 26-buttons Lachenal concertina for sale. C/G tune.

    Rosewood ends, new metal buttons, new 6-fold papered bellows (restored by Bill Crossland).

    Very good concertina with lovely sound.


    When I`ve been in Ireland this summer, this concertina was valued at EUR 1,500 (could be discussed).


    If you`re interested please send PM.

  6. Hi Chris!

    This is John Connors instrument. C/G tuning.


    This is very playable instrument, but a little bit hard to play (because Lachenal reeds are hard). But the reeds are metal, instrument is tuned correct.


    As I knew yesterday Chris Algar is only a seller of this instrument (maybe to Noel Hill)




    From the appearance I'd guess it is a modern Connor and as such probably a very playable instrument. Correct? It would probably also help people to know what the concertina's home keys are, e.g. C/G, G/D or whatever.



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