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    good time with good friends, wonderful music and well prepared food!
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    stellenbosch, south africa

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  1. Hi Morne,

    I was wondering how you learn the traditional Boer style concertina? Are there method books or would you have any suggestions? I noticed that your music is a little less traditional but I'm hoping you might have some contacts.


  2. hi there fellow concertina people! my name is morne e goosen and i am from south africa. i have been enjoying my concertina since 2007. if you follow this link, you can listen to some of my work with the concertina. i hope you enjoy it. here is the link my youtube channel you can also follow us on facebook. the page name is "die stellenboys" enjoy and have a good festive season. greetings from stellenbosch, south africa morne xxx
  3. Happy Birthday! Noticed you're in South Africa - I spoke with Koot Brits last weekend about the edeophone 40 button anglo Piet Visser was playing in his video of The Old Barn. I love your tradtional style!

  4. Hey Leo, Thanks for listing my concertina tunes here! much appreciated! i hope people enjoy them as much as i enjoy playing them. viva concertina players! morne e goosen
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