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  1. That's not it unfortunatley! It must be a local joe mhaire mhicilin ! Which is wierd since I live near the o rahallaigh's! Anyway thanks for all the help, that old silver spear is lovely I might learn that too:)
  2. Yes I know the silver spear well it's one of the first tunes I learned, however the one I know as joe mhaire mhicilin is in a major, it sounds similar to the silver spear, although a bit different, as the second half goes into a minor key
  3. Thanks Leo, unfortunatley that wasn't it again! I will try attach an audio file. I Can play a small hit of it on my fiddle! Thanks again
  4. Hi Leo! Unfortunatley no, thanks anyway for the reply!
  5. Has anyone got the sheet music for this reel? It's in a major and starts off kinda like the concertina reel! I'm not sure if it's known by any other name either? It's really popular in sessions in my area and I'd love to be able to join in! Thanks:)
  6. Ah yeah i read it too, well it's up to you, don't be putting yourself out like it doesn't matter:)
  7. Thank you, did he say how much the dubliner was? I think the basic concertina he has was 825 so it's probably dearer?
  8. That would be brilliant thanks so much Oh best if luck with them I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!
  9. I havnt a clue ,perhaps someone is making them for them
  10. Does anyone know anything about the Garvey concertinas advertised on the all about accordions website? They're advertised at 825 euro .. are they a good beginner concertina? Thanks!
  11. The man who owns the boorinwood sent me a sound file of him playing it , personally I think it sounds lovely, but do you's think I may have problems with it in the future?
  12. okay thanks everyone i think i'll look into a rochelle so
  13. I'm currently in the process of buying a concertina and I gave my mind set in either a hohner or boorinwood box. Both going for around 200euro because they're second hand. I know both there not supposed to be great instruments but please bear in mind that I'm only looking to play in my own time as I already play three other instruments and I won't be playing the concertina full time. So I ask the question- boorinwood or hohner? I just want an instrument that I can trust will keep me entertained bur won't turn me away from playing the concertina
  14. oh okay i live not too far from michael i might get in touch with him. oh ok i understand i agree with you ther because ive seen a few concertinas through the years that just look way to big and bulky, i want something kinda smaller and more like a "real" concertina. if you know what i mean
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