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  1. You ought to try it with a hammered dulcimer. "What's that instrument?" "Hammered dillcm...." etc.
  2. There really are two kinds of concentration I think. The first, which I like to call "overthinking," is where you try to concentrate on mechanical things like which button to push or exactly when to push it. That will almost always make your playing worse seems to me. You get so bound up in thinking that nothing works. The second, which I like to call "focus," is the matter of keeping your mind on what you are doing. It is difficult to describe. The best I can do is to say that it means keeping the music in mind. If you are reading it means keeping a focus on looking ahead and being ready for what is next. If you are playing from memory or by ear it means keeping the tune in your mind and not thinking about what the listener might be hearing or what to have for supper. If you fare playing with others it means listening carefully to make sure you fit in properly. I conduct amateur wind musicians in a concert band, and the biggest single issue is not their technical skills or general intonation. It is their lack of focus on what they are doing. With focus they can all do more than they think they can. Focus is, to me, the real key to playing well. Well, what about those folks who can talk to you about something while continuing to play a tune? They have progressed to the point that they keep focus with part of their brain while the rest talks to you. And, they can only do it if they have solid executant skills and know the piece. So, put it down to lots of playing and a bit of ability to be schizoid. (Did I spell that right??)
  3. Crested Hens was written when Gilles Chabanet was about 16. He wrote is as a Bouree, a rather fast dance as I understand it. Solas slowed it down and that has become the popular version stateside I think. Incidentally, he's a hurdygurdy player and the tune goes nicely with drones.... Because it can get played quite differently by note readers depending on how it is transcribed here are two other abc versions, a 3/4 slow waltzy one and a bouree as they are usually written (with a slightly different melodic variation). X:1 T:Les Poules Huppees C:Gilles Chabenat M:3/4 L:1/4 K:Edor E3|GFE|B3-|BBc|dcB|edc|dcB|AGF| E3|GFE|B3-|BBc|dcB|AGA|1B3-|BGF:|2B3-|Bef|| |:gBB|gBB|=c3-|=cef|gfa|gfe|^d2e-|ef2| gBB|gBB|=c3-|=cef|gfa|gf^d|1e3-|eef:|2e3-|e3|] X:1 T:Les Poules Huppees - bourree C:Gilles Chabenat M:3/8 L:1/16 K:Edor E2EGFE|B4Bc|dcBedc|dcBcBA| E3GFE|B4Bc|dcBede|1B6:|2B4ef|| |:g2BgBf|=c4ef|geagfe|^d2=e2f2| g2BgBf|=c4ef|geagf^d|1e4ef:|2e6|] Edited to add the two versions.
  4. BRAVO! A great set of choices, and far afield from the usual ones. All fine tunes. I'm not voting because I'd be happy with any of these, and might even find time to post a recording! Well, as I think of it I do have a favorite...
  5. Much of what I feel has already been expressed. I'd like to emphasize a couple of things. I haven't posted a tune so feel free to take this with a grain of salt. 1. I'm a melody player. I can use chords and do from time to time, but my interest is playing with others, not working out intricate arrangements of tunes. This is counter to what most of the posters do, and in comparison the melody alone can seem empty and not adding anything to the discourse. I can't easily get a group together to record what I do so... 2. That said a beginners' section would not be at all useful to me. I'm not a beginner, just someone who views concertina as an ensemble instrument that either plays melody or adds chords, and is far more interested in musical phrasing than multinote things. 3. Please don't misunderstand this statement. It is not meant to be critical. But it appears to me that the majority of the posters come from traditions that I am not interested in. I don't play for Morris. I'm not very interested in that sort of thing, nor am I interested in what I hear as a rather thick and sometimes unmusical sound caused by chordal tones overpowering the melody. Different strokes... 4. Perhaps we need to find a more eclectic way to pick the choices to vote on. I've suggested many tunes but never received any comments about the suggestions. They have, apparently, been ignored. One can't complain about the diversity in the options though, but I do note Morris tunes seem to win the vote often. I suspect that is the fault of those of us who have not voted, not the people who did. 5. I agree about the lack of comments. I posted a couple of things on theme of the month, and except for one very kind comment nothing was said. I'm not looking for "great job " things, just indication that notice was taken. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there.....does anyone care? All that said though I very much hope tune and theme of the month will continue. I've enjoyed the postings and the discussions they invoke. Thanks for reading.
  6. Lovely Wolf. Thank you. Such a deep voice! I could use a bass like that in an upcoming concert...
  7. Here's a slight edit of the abc to make the rhythms look like 12/8 all the way through, and to get the rhythms correct on the first repeat. A bit pedantic, but perhaps useful to some. In passing my take on this from listening is that it is not really in 12/8 at all but rather in the swung rhythm of much popular music. that's what I get out of the video too. X:1 T: Girl in Clover Z: Anahata <anahata@treewind.co.uk> from Martin Ellison on YouTube N: Martin got it from the playing of Max Collie's Rhythm Aces M: 12/8 L: 1/8 Q:3/8=95 K:G B2c |"G" d3-dcB "Em"A2B-B2d| "C"e3-e2{fe}d "D"A3-A2d |\ "G"d3-dcB "Em"ABG-G2e | "D"d3 "A"^c3 "D"d3-d2 B | "G"B3-BAG "Bm"D3-D2D |"C"G3-GBd "Am7"c3-c2B |\ "G"B2G-G2G G2A B2G |1"Am7"A3-"D"A3 "G"G3 :|2"Am7"A3-"D"A3 "G"G3-G2 || |: D | "G"d3-dBG "Em"e2e-e2B | "Am7"A3-A2E "D"F2F-F2d |\ "G"d3-dBG "Em"e3-e2A | "A"^c2eg2e "D"f2d-d2B | "G"B3-BAG "Bm"D3-D2D |"G"G3-GDG "Am7"A3-AGA |\ "G"B2G-G2G G2AB2G | "Am7"A3 "D"A3 "G"G3-G2 :|
  8. Very dangerous to encourage me. Here's a more traditional "waltz," well, in 3 anyway. The miking is bad because the singers were away off to one side, but you can get an idea. And, I got to play some chords on this one! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37883905/08%20Four%20Green%20Fields.mp3
  9. Thanks Jim, It is really nice to have someone like that flute player to work "against."
  10. Well, everyone's posts reminded me I could submit this one. From a concert a while back. Flute, EC, and guitar. Movie music time... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37883905/04%20Somewhere%20My%20Love_Bella%20Notte.mp3
  11. Thanks Wolf. Andy's words go something like In the Spring when the world was young lad Er' the sad songs of love were sung lad By the loch side I met a maiden And my heart longed to call her mine. She was fairer than words can say lad And her smile made the world gay lad....
  12. Nice playing Wolf. I know this as a song sung by Andy Stewart back in the day. But he wrote words to many things, like Green Hills of Tyrol, so I suppose it could be a retreat,
  13. Well, actually this guy is mirroring the period when theory said only the fourth and fifth were perfect. A long time ago....
  14. Are you looking for new things or old favorites? It might be good to have the older things in one place....
  15. This is off topic, and perhaps needs to be moved. But....I just checked out the folkwiki.se resource above, and found it wonderful except for one thing: I haven't the foggiest idea how to pick out representative tunes from the extensive collection. Can someone conversant with the repertoire suggest a cross-section of tunes of a wide variety of types as a starting point. I've enough understanding of the general styles to muddle through given that (though of course I need much more study to do justice to the details of style differences). Thanks for any help offered.
  16. Nice tune. I must admit I spent most of it worrying about whether the young woman might pinch herself and wondering where the neckline ended.
  17. "Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck" gave me fits in school...... Thanks Will S.
  18. Very nice tune. I'll stick it into ABC and post it here in case someone prefers that storage method. Too late (or early) here now.
  19. Seems like the same or a similar chord progression but I agree with Jim that it is a different tune.
  20. I think this may be the video you're referring to... without the looping. Same group, but several years later, from the look of them. By the way, it's not "Levan", but "Ievan" (capital "i", not small "L" in the original). In English "Ievan Polkka" would be "Ieva's Polka". Not sure about the translation of "Ieva" as "Eva". Anybody here know whether Ieva is a man's or woman's name in Finnish? Yup. Knew that but forgot it late at night.... I found several sets of dots for this if anyone is interested, including one that purports to be a transcription of my favorite group.
  21. Cool tunes Peter. Got any more of the Finnish stuff?? Or any good sources of that stuff?
  22. I had something similar happen late at night (well, not so early in the morning ) at a jam. It was foggy. A guy walked out of the fog singing whatever tune it was we were playing...nicely. He asked for Danny Boy. We all quietly winced. He sang it beautifully, reminding us that it need not be trite in the process. He thanked us, and disappeared into the fog. Quite magical. We never found out who he was. Wonderful when it happens.
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