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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Paul. I've long since downloaded your book and the abc files. Truly a nice labor of love. Given your comments about chords I'll take a look through things to see if I notice anything. And, I'd highly recommend you leave the Tunebook in some format and then and a second one (or a supplement or whatever you choose to call it). Otherwise those of us who've gotten onve version or another will never be sure what we have and so various versions will start to exist adding confusion for everyone (except you of course!) Chuck Boody
  2. I'm edging up to trying an anglo (I already play English quite well) and am concerned about getting off on the right foot. What with in row, cross row, C row home and G row home I figure I should get some guidance about teaching materials. I've done some searching here but haven't found much beyond "I like XXX." I realize this is a contentious issue, but surely many of you have opinions. BTW I've years of music making behind me in a variety of guises. I don't need anything that spends effort on notation or such things. I need information about the playing methods and tunes selected to guide the user through learning the method in question. My playing would probably be mostly in Celtic traditional musics (not just Irish), and as soon as I'm secure about an approach to the instrument I'll probably go to learning tunes by ear, and then use the teaching materials to delve into adding harmonies, drones and the like. Thanks for your thoughts. Chuck Boody
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