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  1. Concertina Connection Elise for sale. Was going for $300.00 but now I'm willing to let it go for... $200.00. That's nearly half what it cost me a couple of years ago. I haven't played it since before I posted the sale of this concertina last year. Any takers? I bought it July of 2010. You can check out the Button Box which is where I purchased it from for more details about the model.
  2. I've never sent anything overseas before. Yes it is still for sale. Let me see what it would cost to send to Italy. I will get back to you. StevenD
  3. Concertina Connection Elise. $300.00 I bought it July of 2010. You can check out the Button Box which is where I purchased it from for more details about the model.
  4. Just wondering how I go about doing it. Put the spec up with images? Are there guidelines? Never sold anything online before. I have bought a few things on ebay but never sold anything. Everything worked out with those purchases. Would ebay be a good place to sell this concertina from? Steven
  5. I have a Concertina Connection Elise I am considering selling. I bought it July of 2010. I have not sold anything online before and I'm not sure where the best place to go through would be so I thought this would be a good place to start asking questions since it is a concertina. Steven
  6. Hi Steven, as first...I am not an expert as I received my Elisa recently as well. Having said this, I made already the mistake of following too much manuals and teachers with 2 other instruments. Both remained abandoned in a corner... I personally think we should experiment a bit ourself and always keep in mind in ancient time great player existed without manuals...In other words, your fingers are not the same than the writer of the book possibly, and if sound is fine forget about the accademic approach. Have fun and change anything you like provided you can play the tunes. In my humble opinion. PS-.. I hoped real experts where responding but then took the courage. cheers Well that is what I am thinking. I have heard some people talk about a right way of playing an instrument and not picking up bad habits but then again I have of other musicians who have learned to play an instrument their own way and do it fine. I understand Maybell Carter had a very unusual way of playing the guitar and I saw Joni Michell reach over the top of the guitar neck to play a chord instead of playing the chord from under. I learned to play the ukulele with my thumb instead of the index finger like a lot of players do. That is guitars and ukuleles but I wasn't sure about the concertina so I was hoping to hear or read some thoughts from other concertina players. Thanks for the response. Steven
  7. Hello. I am learning how to play my Elise Duet and am using the book that came with it (Tutor for the Elise Hayden Duet Concertina by Wim Wakker). I am now starting page 21 which deals with the left hand. It says to play the E note in the bass clef to use finger 1 (L1). My natural inclination is to use finger 2 (L2) and then use fingers 3 and 4 to play the last buttons (D & C). Is there a right way to play and should I use the fingers that are shown in the instructions and just get used to what seems to be awkward? Steven
  8. Since I am really new to learning how to play my new Concertina Connection Elise Hayden Duet I should like some more tips on fingering. I have been working with the Tutor for the Elise Hayden Duet Concertina by Wim Wakker that came with the concertina. I am enjoying it while at the same time trying to get the hang of it and find the best strap fit. As I have been going up and down the scales the left hand seem more comfortable at hitting all of the buttons with my fingers that the right hand. I am haveing a hard time with my little finger on my right hand hitting the higher buttons. Are there some guidelines anyone can give as to which fingers should be pressing the button especially with the right hand? In other words is there a correct way or any way that is comfortable?
  9. I decided to get the Concertina Connection Elise Hayden. I purchased it from The Button Box. It came this afternoon. Thanks for the thought and ideas everyone. Now to get my right and left hand to coordinate with one another. StevenD
  10. Thanks for the link Greg. Beautiful instruments and great pictures. Thanks for the answers and help folks. I do appreciate it.
  11. What is traditional riveted action? I have seen this term and am wondering if anyone can explain it or at least help lead me to something to read about it. StevenD
  12. So far on my anglo I have played tunes out of a couple of concertina books that I picked, a few songs out of a sea shanty book, Irish tunes, folk music, hymns. So those types of music. Yes it has seemed awkward to work the in and out of the bellows. I have found that I have to get used to a song to know when to start with the bellows almost closed to accommodate long runs of mostly pull notes and others with the bellows open quite a bit to accommodate long runs of push notes. Some songs seem awkward. I have tried now and then to play simple chords but most of them have never sounded very good. Mostly I just play melody lines. Thanks for the response and questions. StevenD
  13. This might have been asked before although I couldn't find anything so here goes. I am trying to decide which way to go with a new concertina and it boils down to either a Concertina Connection Rochelle Anglo or a Concertina Connection Elise Hayden. Now I'm looking for some thought from others who have more experience with concertinas. I have a very cheap Russian made Anglo concertina in C/G that I bought new about 6 years ago. Like I say it is really cheap. As far as I can tell it leaks and I have taken it apart so many times to fix sticky keys that I don't have any fingers left to use to count. With all that I have had fun over the years with it in spite of all that. Needless to say I have learned on an Anglo and found the Rochelle some months ago but just recently have discovered the Elise Hayden. Both concertinas sound like good entry level instruments (I still consider myself an entry level player). Since the Rochelle is an Anglo and I cut my teeth on an Anglo that seems like the logical choice. On the other hand the Elise Hayden intrigues me. I realize from reading about this system that I would be learning something completely new. I'm okay with learning new things. And it seams that the Elise would give more flexibility in what could be played. Looking for any ideas and thoughts. StevenD
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