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  1. I'm interested in the baritone. Still for sale ?
  2. Thanks Rog for your reply and positive comments. Yes, posting comments on Wordpress is bloody frustratingly annoying. People have posted comments on my site in the past. But now - I don't know how one does that.
  3. I have just completed a page of (pretty) exhaustive charts for the Anglo concertina, as part of my tuition website the Supplementary Anglo Concertina Tutor [ https://concertutor.wordpress.com/ ]. The chords are here - https://concertutor.wordpress.com/fitting-chords-to-your-playing/chord-fingerings/ . There are 31 charts, covering 7 major keys and 6 minors. I hope they’ll be helpful to some people. Let me know your thoughts on the comments section of the page ( which I can’t find myself !). The page is very lengthy, not at all compact, and perhaps a tad clunky. I may now go back and try to make it more user-friendly with my VERY limited Wordpress skills. But in the meantime, Anglo players, I welcome your helpful comments. Thanks, SIMON
  4. Hello Malcolm, sorry I've been slow to respond to your reply. Any instrument from you would be a beauty. But I think A/E doesn't offer me enough versatility from the C/G. A major and B minor, and F# minor are already easy enough on the C/G. The A/E would give me E major. But Bb/F gives me F and G minor. When i accompany singers in bands F often raises its head, more often than E, in folk music anyway. F is my favourite singing key in that range too. But, I'll think about this. How much would you be asking ? I don't know how to PM on here. But I'm at smnwlls58@gmail. Thanks, Simon
  5. I'm after a Bb/F to do songs. Doesn't need to be a fast instrument, and i think 2 rows will suffice. So, I guess the best likely cheapest option would be a Lachenal. Anyone ? Thanks, SIMON WELLS Brisbane
  6. I want to build a decent case for my Anglo. But I don't have woodworking equipment. I also want to build a new case for flutes.Is there anywhere one can get kits for making those aluminium cases often used for cameras and tools ? I have searched without results on the net. Thanks.
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