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  1. Hi guys. I've been playing a 46 button Hayden for a few months and it has given me a lot of pleasure. I'm aware that a major key is usually fingered like this with the right hand C F G A B C D E. I'm a bit puzzled about natural minors, by which I mean, for example, all the notes of the C scale but played from A to A to play A natural minor. (As a folkie I don't want to bother my poor little head with harmonic and what-have-you minors). I play them like this - FGA CDE AB and I would expect this to transfer to all the usual keys coverd by the Hayden. However, for G, unless my ear is even worse than they said at school, I have to play G natural minor like this - F G Bflat C D E G A ie with 4, rather than 3, butons in the middle row and only two in the top row. Am I doing something wrong? If not, how can it be that there is a standard pattern for CDEFGA majors, but not a standard pattern for the same notes in a different order, which I think is what the natural minors are? I'd also appreciate general advice on fingering natural minors scales and arpegios on a Hayden. For example, is best to finger A natural minor with the ring finger on A, retaining the usual Hayden pattern, using the little fnger for B? Or do people movethe whole hand down and use their three main fingers? Thank you in advance for any replies. JULIAN
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