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  1. Bob Hope in "Paleface" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x9MuNsV1Tg
  2. Done a bit of trawling Try Magnetic Music Shop in Doolin Co.Clare ,Ireland might have a copy. Phone 00353 65 707 4407 Touch of Clare and Kitty Hayes Remembered are 2 different CD's. https://www.facebook.com/The-Traditional-Music-Shop-464379963633200/ for contact info.
  3. There's a Lachenal rosewood ended for sale in your area of Limerick http://www.adverts.ie/other-keyboards-piano/lachenal-concertina/12312329 I have no connection with the seller but it's in your price range and as it's local to you you could try it out and see how it plays.
  4. Have done a google search,came across this retailer in Ireland http://www.mcneelamusic.com/claddagh-concertina/ Under description - 'This is a quality Concertina, it’s perfect for the advancing player or a professional. This Concertina was formerly known as the Claremont Concertina, however it is now marketed in Ireland as the Claddagh Concertina.This Concertina is made to the highest of standards by AC Norman in England, markers for over 40 years.' Is that helpful Moira?
  5. He's replied to my enquiry with the answer - steel reeds.
  6. Have asked him what kind of reeds.
  7. Barleycorn Concertinas will not sell you anything that is leaky.They depend on having a good reputation.Chris who runs it is very good at supplying one that best suits your individual needs.He does go round folk festivals,ask him when he's next near Oxford.He's in Staffordshire by the way.
  8. Chris Algar at Barleycorn Concertinas is your best bet.Nice bloke who will give you an honest opinion.
  9. Listened to Rte's Rolling Wave programme,guy from Na Piobairi Uilleann (Irish Piping)on there talking about Irish Piping.NPU have developed a new app called Moving Cloud.It brings together Video as well as audio an archive of Irish tunes.Although it was developed by a piping organisation there are other instruments i.e.. concertina,fiddle etc. It looks a great resource for Irish tunes. I did a search for concertina and there are quite a few Noel Hill videos as recently as 2014. The app is available through iTunes and Google play - iPad and tablet versions.It's free.
  10. He's back http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Concertina-Wheatstone-C-G-Anglo-Unique-/171050370445?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item27d365858d
  11. Just had email reply from oaim.ie,links should be working Mon. 8th Oct.
  12. Have just noticed oaim.ie have 6 free beginner concertina lessons by Edel Fox,unfortunately none of the links work get error 404 page not found.Have contacted them hopefully they will sort it out.Anybody else tried them and having same problem? Here's the link http://www.oaim.ie/free-lessons/concertina
  13. Thanks for the choice,I've found the sheet music for all of them except The Road To Prison,the ITM site http://www.oaim.ie gives this tune as a free lesson so I'd be grateful if you could direct me to the sheet music of this tune. Cheers.
  14. Can anybody recommend some simple jigs and reels for a beginner.
  15. Excellent news. Who is the maker? Any plans to post pics so we can all have a look? A.C.Norman now based at Paddock ,Halfway House,Shrewsbury SY5 9EL Picture http://www.btinterne....c.normanandco/ Click on our products and it's the concertina on the top left. Picked it up on Mon. 14th May.It's wonderful so receptive.
  16. I've just remembered I know somebody who makes furniture,so I'm going to have a word with him to make me a case.Thanks anyway for all the advice.
  17. I shall be picking up my new custom made Anglo Concertina in a few weeks.I've been recommended by the maker to purchase a new concertina case rather than using my present softshell gig bag.What does anybody recommend?Not too pricey please.I live in the UK.The cases that Hobgoblin sell are they any good? Thanks.
  18. Took it to nearby Concertina maker and repairer who has fixed it.The a/b button on the bottom row on the right hand side was the culprit.The reed was out of alignment.
  19. I own a Rochelle Anglo Concertina C/G.Whenever I push or pull I get a really high pitched shrill sound on the right hand side.What's the problem please? Especailly when I'm pressing or pulling bouttons on the bottom row of the right hand side.
  20. The right hand buttons are definitely more responsive. There is a definite difference between left hand buttons and the right hand buttons.
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