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  1. www.concertinachick.com for my TUNE OF THE MONTH FOR SEPTEMBER!!!  Check it out!!!




    Florence Fahy

  2. Check out my tune of the month for July! Late coming but better late than never! Definitely worth the look this month guys! A really really great tune composed by a fantastic fiddle/flute player!! A real legend!!


    Check out my website:  www.concertinachick.com

    My email is :  flo_fahy@hotmail.com or check me out on Facebook @Florence Fahy

  3. Hello everybody, I'd like to celebrate with you all on here the release of my new CD "Tunes From The Flaggy Shore". Traditional Irish Music on the concertina from Co. Clare. I am so proud to dedicate this CD to my wonderful parents who have supported and encouraged my musical journey from the start. To my lovely family, my sisters and brother, my aunts, uncles, cousins, niece, nephews. To my lovely husband Chris, who has always encouraged my music and made sure I booked the r...

  4. Please check out my new concertina website @ www.concertinachick.com

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