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  1. LDT You inspired me. I found the tune on "musicnotes". My Dad had his own BIG BAND. I grew up listen to this great swing music for years. Now I know why children who listen to Irish traditional tunes can play so well. Once I had the notes in front of me the tune just spilled out. I did change the key to D, my husband recognized it immediately in that key. (he should know he was a young teen when this song was originally popular). Thanks again for posting, it has open up a whole new side for me. To play for the sure fun of it. If I can figure out how to post using my I pad and music cloud as you did maybe I will send you a version. Lorie
  2. Zeke, I have not taken the time to read all the replies, I just saw that you have an Edgley and that you are experiencing trouble with the air button. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. I participated in the midwest concertina camp with Noel Hill for the first time at Erlanger (sp) Kentucky. I think that it is sort of a tradition on the first night, Sunday, everyone socializes and have the opportunity to play other instruments. Many times this opens eyes about the performance of their concertina. I was one of those fortunate players that realized the heavy callous on my right thumb, directly over the spot that I performed the air button IS NOT NORMAL. I asked the question of my new acquaintance, Mr. Hill. He took my instrument and tried it out. He laughed as he said that I must need to use my feet to get it to move. Of course he was just having fun with me. Within just a few minutes he took the right side off, took out the spring for the air button, adjusted it and replace it. Vwala ! He performed a miracle for me. Now my beloved Edgley performed almost just like the Dipper I had just tried out. I was thrilled. It took several days for me to get used to the new performance it afforded me because I was not now having to work so hard to play. Others witnessed this same miracle. In fact my new friend, Mr. Hill said to me, don't let anyone tell you that the air button was your fault. Shades of Robin Williams and Matt Damion, in GOOD WILL HUNTING, "Its not your fault". Tears almost brimmed my eyes as I was now free to for give the abuse I had inflicted on my thumb theses past many months. LOL LOL. Forgive yourself and fix the **** spring, it will play excellent once you do.
  3. David I enjoyed your explanation on ornamentation, I printed it out so I can disseminate slowly and save for future reference. Thanks for your continued efforts, they are appreciated.
  4. Sorry about the weird use of syntax. I had to delete some "extra" words to get the message to fit in the required space. I hope you can catch my drift. I just wanted to let you know that I will be selling my Edgley. Let me know if you or anyone else you know would be interested.

  5. Hi Dave

    Been thinking about getting a hold of you, and asking if you went to the Noel Camp? I did and I loved it. My practice is coming along well. Say, I as on the wait list for a Carroll Concertina. An opportunity to buy one came up and I have decided to go for it. My is Edgley for sale in about 2 weeks. You can see several nice pictures of it on the Edgley web, under Februa...

  6. I was nice talking to you and sharing our snow stories. Good luck with sell. I am still wishing that it was a C/G.
  7. Thanks David, I am rushing off to work, so I will see about the post of the music later tonight when I return. Have a great day. May be we can do a SKIPE lesson on this tune at some time.
  8. Hello, I really enjoyed reading the thread. I will have to read it again much closer in regards to playing the "A" either before or after the "D". I left the chart at work which allowed me to follow along quite well. Of course I only to a quick peek or two during my break. I also attended Noel's camp. I was the "stellar" raw beginner. hehe. I learned very much and am now progressing very nicely at home. In fact I am working on a tune currently called "The Glenbeigh" in 110 Irish concertina Tunes on page 60, # 94 CD 2, Track 39. This tune has a lot of the d to a with also G3 to B. (I ran our to the care and got the music and the chart that I remembered to grab as I raced out of work). My concern is that I have been playing the G3, #26 and then the B2#14, because I did not want to "chop". But now as I sit in front of the computer and reread the tread it seems as though it may be permissible to play the B2 #21, which does give the tune a bounce in a very important place. The second measure goes: G-26, then a B2? then a doted D3 -15 followed by a quarter B2? But here is the next rub, the next measure goes: C3, -14 E3 -15 then an A right now I can play either the A2 -13 or the A2 -10. then the B2 - 21, followed by a dotted C3 -14 doted quarter then an a eighth. This is pretty much the patterns in question. I know that the A immediately before the A# must be the A2 13. I think at least for me it would be impossible to play the A210 before the A#. I sure would like some help before I really learn the fingering any further. Hope this is not to confusing.
  9. Hello Just a bit unrelated but I have a question. Last night I found a tune book that I printed out. It was at a site for "Traditional Irish" tunes. some of the titles were familiar, but many of the titles just said "Gan Ainm" can any one share some light on this? I think I found it at the CEOLAS Music Archive. Most of the tunes are, at this point are bit advanced but I certainly like a challenge.
  10. Good Morning Greg Our Session group "The Falling Rock Jammers" did a short concert for the Munising Bay Art Festival yesterday, mostly blue grass tunes and a couple of Traditional Irish tunes. Now that I have that out of the way I was wondering how best to prepare for camp. What should my focus of practice be? I have a couple of tunes that I have been trying to perfect for the last several months with some limited success, which are much more of a challenge. I am very eager for camp and want to feel that I am doing something that will better prepare myself for .......? I attempted to attach a picture of the group. The concertina player is the one with the yellow shoes. BTW we each received 15 dollars for our efforts, am I now a professional. Thanks Lorie /Users/stephentracey/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary/Previews/2011/06/26/20110626-000934/VKOIY8jUSGK%pUSqpwAzMQ/DSC03278.jpg
  11. Greg When I spoke with Linda today she stated that the group was small. I wonder if it may be attributed to the concurrent camp being taught by Edel Fox in Ontario that same week?
  12. Good Evening to all I just returned from an extended visit with family 450 miles away. I was able to keep track of all the posts but was unable to post replies. Again thank you to all that responded it really helped me get through the acute attack of COAD. I did play a bit while I was gone. I enjoyed playing Midnight on the Water along with family and friends and JODY'S CD. What fun. I have decided to stay focused on the Anglo. I just registered for the MID WEST Noel Hill Camp in KY today. Hope to see some of you there. Thanks again. Lorie Tracey
  13. Hello Greg I just registered today. I am really looking forward to meeting so many people with a love for the Anglo. Lorie Tracey
  14. Soooo, how many concertinas do you own? Lorie
  15. AUUUUUGH So much temptations.
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