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  1. Thank you for your comments. They are very helpful to me!

    I used felt because I thought the chamois I had was too thick and felt was more flexible than chamois. But, as you said, I think chamois is more reliable and durable than felt. So, I'll try to use chamois next time!

    I used glue which is used for wood, paper, cloth, skin, etc...

    I bought tuning bellows from David J. Leese in 2009. It's very convenient!


    I thought Wheatstone had used a little odd concertina reeds at that time (in 1950s and 1960s).


    I guess I jumped to conclusions...


    Thanks so much!




    (Set dance) Is The Big Man Within? - Bb/F Concertina Solo.wmv :D



    Hello, Leo! I learned this set dance from The Final Round by Kevin Joyce. It's an unusual Irish tune. A part is a slip jig and B part is a double jig! I love unusual Irish tunes.





    Very good Tomo! I like that tune, I heard it before from Sean Ryan (the tin whistler). From listening your playing, I can tell that there is a difference from the way Sean Ryan plays it. I would need a confirmation of this, but I have the feeling that you are not playing a rhythm of double jig in the second part, If I'm not mistaken, you are playing a rhythm that is not ternary.


    I think that for playing slip jig / double jig, you have two options: play the first part slower or play the second part faster.


    Of course this is just my opinion, I would love to get more opinions on this because I'm not completely sure.


    And Tomo, I also love unusual Irish tunes! I'm always trying to analyse them.



    Hello, Fernando. Thank you for your reply! Although I have Minstrel's Fancy by Sean Ryan, I didn't notice that this tune is in the CD! Thanks! He certainly plays it without changing tempi.


    I learned it from The Final Round by Kevin Joyce. He plays it, changing tempi (A part:113 / B part:69). So, he plays the B part just like a slow jig.


    I don't know which playing is right, but I love both great recordings!





  3. Hi Tomo


    It works and that's what counts. Are you going to refine it for a more permanent installation?





    Hello Leo


    Thank you for your comment! I don't think a ballpoint pen is suitable for a permanent installation. And I haven't found the alternatives, yet. Does anyone have a good idea?



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