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  1. My concertina has been sold. As it turns out, a friend bought it right here in my city! And my little Dipper will get the love, attention, and talent it deserves. Thanks to everyone for your help and advice, and enjoy the music!
  2. There are two reasons why I hesitate to use ebay to sell my concertina. I was reluctant to bring these up because doing so may hijack my Dipper thread into an extended discussion of ebay. But here we go anyway. First, the concertina's price will have to be much higher on ebay to cover the additional selling fees. The insertion and final value fees ($52.00 for auctions, much more for fixed-price formats) are just the tip of the iceberg. A seller withdrawing funds from Paypal must pay several additional fees: a funds withdrawal fee of 2.9% plus cross-border fees of 3.9% + 1% plus a currency
  3. My concertina is still available. It seems, from the lack of response, that it is not going to sell for US$8,000.00. Would anyone like to buy it for US$7,000.00 (plus shipping)? Please reply by private message if you're interested.
  4. Hi there, is your claire Dipper still for sale? thanks, jim jgand3@juno.com

  5. Thanks to those of you who've spoken out (publicly and privately) against the criticism of my concertina's beautiful silver work. I'd like to point out that the ends were designed by the Dippers, not by me. This was not a custom instrument; I was simply lucky enough to find it for sale at Lark in the Morning many years ago. So to criticize the design is to insult the Dippers.
  6. As most of you know, several months ago I tried to sell my Dipper County Clare concertina on this forum. After pages of spirited debate, it became clear to me that people didn't like the "auction" format. So let's try this again with a fixed price. A few weeks ago a similar Dipper County Clare instrument sold on this forum for U.S. $8,000.00 plus shipping costs. I'm willing to sell my concertina for the same price. If you missed out on the earlier sale, here's another chance to own a Dipper County Clare. For U.S. $8,000.00 plus shipping costs, I am offering to sell my 31-button C/G Col
  7. My Dipper/Stradivarius County Clare concertina has not yet been sold. The highest offer thus far has been US$6500. Sorry for my lack of attention to the status inquiries--it's harvest, canning, and fence-painting season here.
  8. I've been offered US$6,500 for this instrument.
  9. It seems we have a curious situation. Various people have written here that my Dipper is worth US$8,000-$10,000, and that I should not accept less than US$8,000. And a lot of people are reading this thread; I assume that some of you are interested in purchasing my concertina. Yet the highest legitimate offer I've received is US$6,300. Are the "snipers" waiting to make late offers? Are people still out there who'd like to buy this instrument but are negotiating with their mates/examining their accounts/selling their homes/sending their children to work? I'd appreciate hearing (by p
  10. Well, it seems that offer of $7,000 was not so solid after all. The person thought I should pay for shipping as well as conversion of the concertina to a new layout! Thus the best offer I've received for my Dipper is US$6,300, which has actually been offered by two people. My Dipper, by the way, has a Wheatstone layout: To help refocus this thread, I'll repeat my terms: The buyer will pay for shipping. The concertina is being sold as it is. I would prefer to sell the concertina here rather than on ebay. I will keep this auction-style sale open until (1) I receive an offe
  11. I've received a solid offer of US$7,000 for my Dipper. Would anyone like to offer me more? Or perhaps I should ask, Is anyone able to offer more?
  12. I apologize if any lack of clarity in my original post misled anyone. One thing I'd like to point out is that I mentioned that I've had the concertina for several years. It's not new, as its low serial number indicates. I purchased it new in 1996 from Lark in the Morning. The reason why it's still in nearly new condition is that it's been kept snug in its case (away from beer-splattering sessions ) in a smoke-free, decently humidity-controlled environment, and I've played it only occasionally. Actually, it's in better than new condition--it came with a buzzing low reed, which I had fixed b
  13. The County Clare concertina is clear and loud (designed for sessions), but small and light, with fast action and a sweet tone. I'll leave any comparison between different types of concertinas to someone who knows them better. My Dipper is in nearly new condition aside from the slight tarnish (which I assume can be easily polished away by someone who wants to do so) and some wear of the velvet case lining. For those who aren't familiar with ebay, a "buy it now" price sets the high end of the bidding. In other words, I'll welcome bids that are less than $10,000 (we're not close to that figu
  14. Hmm. Can we have bidding without a war? I hope everyone can understand that I'd like to get as much as possible for my concertina. Of course I understand that no one (well, no one I know) actually likes to spend large amounts of money. So far I've had a firm offer of $6300. If I were to sell my Dipper on ebay, I'd set a "buy it now" price of $10,000. I'll do the same here without the fancy ebay software. Please respond by private message, and thanks for your interest!
  15. For sale: 31-key C/G Colin Dipper County Clare silver-ended Anglo concertina, serial number 273. Seven-fold original leather bellows. This instrument has a sweet, clear tone and is in excellent condition except for minor tarnish on the silver ends; it’s been played only lightly since I bought it new. The original Dipper case will come with the concertina, of course. I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t able to learn to play this beautiful instrument decently despite lessons and the encouragement I received from many folks on this site several years ago. It’s time to let someone else enjoy it.
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