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  1. Yes, definitely 8 1/2" - just measured it.
  2. I am considering selling my rare Wheatstone Aeola concertina but not sure of its current value. I know an identical one sold for £4000 about 10 years ago but haven't seen any sell since! If anyone could help with a valuation I would be really grateful. I bought it about 20 years ago but haven't played it much as its too heavy for me but its in concert pitch, in lovely condition with all keys working and bellows intact. It has its original leather box (catch is broken). Serial no. 31393 - model 15 Sixty two key baritone-treble made in 1927 Any help with working out what I can sell it for would be very gratefully received. Many thanks, Val (in Shropshire, UK)
  3. Hi there I need to put my concertina on the household music insurance policy and wondered if anyone could give me a rough valuation for my instrument please for insurance purposes only (not going to sell it cos I LOVE playing it too much!). - excellent condition - perfectly in tune/concert pitch - metal ends Many thanks
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