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  1. Emmanuel Pariselle, illustrious French melodeon maker and master of the Franglo Concertina and Richard Burgess, rather less illustrious but much better-looking Anglo-Norwegian singer and concertina-player, are coming to England in May 2019 and are interested in gigs. They are performing and holding a workshop at Lewes Folk Club on Saturday 18th May and then the following weekend they are giving courses at Halsway Manor - Emmanuel in melodeon accompaniment and Richard in shanty-singing.  During that week they are available for concerts.


    Burgess & Pariselle perform songs in English, French, Norwegian and even, on a good day, Italian. They are renowned for their humorous stage performances where linguistic and cultural misunderstandings often get out of hand. They can play for all manner of dances - schottish, mazurkas, polkas, valse, bourrée, Breton, rondeaux, congos, morris dances, Norwegian reinlenders, springars, pols…

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  2. Thanks for interesting perspectives on openness of fretwork (my aeola is certain open...) and baffles. Maybe I'll try the latter. Although of course there are times when the extra volume is desirable. (I play in a trio with hurdy-gurdy player and an energetic fiddler...Enough said.) I have a lovely amboyna-ended Lachenal with a very mellow tone, but it's a ET not a TT and I rather miss the lower register for song accompaniment. Some people are never satisfied!

  3. Hi! Thanks for posting this. This sounds interesting. I've never actually seen a tortoiseshell-ended TT in  real life. Only in dreams... Questions: What number does it have? Is it a good player as well as being beautiful? Any sound files? What sort of price are you looking for? Where in Germany are you?


    My email is: burgvin@online.no 




    Richard Burgess

  4. I'm looking for a quieter alternative (for song accompaniment) to the tenor-treble Wheatstone Aeola I already have. Something like an wooden-ended Aeola, or maybe an Edeophone, with the range down to a C. Ebony or amboyna, rare or not - my main concern is that it should play well, be fully restored and in concert pitch. (A tenor is also a possibility, although there don't seem to be many about.) 


    I'm based in Norway, but I'm in the UK fairly frequently, so I'm prepared to travel to get the right instrument.

  5. On Sunday 28th May 2017 my 64-key Wheatstone Aeola, serial number 29688, was stolen in Oslo, Norway as I was packing the van with instruments and equipment after a gig. I dont think the thief had any idea what he was stealing and its difficult to know what hes going to do with it. But its possible that in time it will find its way into the concertina market.


    Its a wonderful instrument, recently renovated by the wonderful Dippers. John Dippers mark and signature is on the inside of the new black bellows. It's in a wooden case that was specially made for me by equally wonderful Emmanuel Pariselle out of a old wine box. It says "Chateau La Louvière" on the front. Another distinguishing feature: the flat screw securing the wrist strap is missing (because it's in my pocket...) and replaced with a non-original screw.


    If you come across it, or hear of others who do, please contact me. Email: burgvin@online.no or tel. +47 97790098




    Richard Burgess


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