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  1. Thanks All so much for your input! I appreciate the advice. I'm going to gather my resources and likely will buy a hybrid (Morse) at the end of the summer, unless something amazing presents itself in my price range before then Best, Jackie
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on the later anglo Wheatstones for me. I have done quite a bit of reading lately online about the apparent decline in quality on those concertinas made after the war but before Steve Dickinson took over Wheatstone. I've seen multiple times in my readings that they are not "as good". What I'm wondering is: How bad are they? My situation: I'm looking into buying my first concertina (I've been renting one for awhile now). I had assumed my best bet for my current budget would be something like a Morse. However, I've been researching concertinas online and have come across later Anglo Wheatstones in the same price range as a Morse or other mid-range instruments. For my first instrument and with $2000 and under to spend, which of the two would you all recommend? I realize this topic has been touched on in other forums but I couldn't find the specifics I was looking for. Apologies if this is a repeated thread. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks very much!
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