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  1. You might want to disclose at least make and model to garner some interest. Age and condition would also be useful. Just saying .........
  2. I own #37 and can attest to all of the positive comments about the Kensington concertinas. Well worth the asking price especially considering there is no waiting on a builder's list. If I did not already have one, I'd be all over this!
  3. I did not know there was a more efficient way of playing the anglo, when a few fingers can effeciently hammer out most of your tunes. Before being flamed, I admit I took this out of context (intent was transposing keys - forgive my twisted sense of humor and 6 fingers of scotch).
  4. I've been the owner of this fine instrument for the past year. It's everthing Dave said it was - light, fast, responsive with a great dynamic range. For me it is a keeper, so no, it is not available. Regards, Dick
  5. If you mean this one, how do you know if it's the same concertina? I supppose there could be identical Dippers for sale that are located in Washington State, in the same town. But what are the odds ?
  6. Looks like a sale is imminent since it appeaers the reserve on the eBay auction has been triggered at $6500.
  7. The concerina has been sold. Thanks FritzW and C.net
  8. FritzW, I sent you a PM with the information. Regards, Richard
  9. It's time to pass along my Rochelle Anglo Concertina that I purchased new from the Concertina Connection last summer. It has been used very little and is in excellent condition. It didn't take me long to figure out that the concertina was for me, and I purchased a nice Wakker Anglo from someone here on C.net. It includes everthing that came with it - the gig bag and tutorial. Asking $275 with shipping included to the lower 48 (CONUS). Paypal preferred. I will make the customary contribution to C.net if the concertina is sold here. Picures provided on request, however it is going to look like any other Rochelle without any defects.
  10. I'm glad someone said something. I felt the same way when I first saw this thread. I do not understand this auction style sale that seems to take place on this forum from time to time. If you want an on-line auction, post the instrument for sale on eBay. Otherwise, post a price and entertain offers. Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. Guess I'd like to know too. Is it sold or what? Dick
  12. The question I had when I saw this on eBay was - This is listed as being bought at the "deluxe" model price (1750BP), but does not have some of the Marcus deluxe model features - 7 fold vs. 6 fold bellows and lack of a drone key (30b vs. 31b). Perhaps this is why it was not sold at the asking price of 1450BP, which is the price of a new standard model (which to me this seems to be)? Dick
  13. Bob, Could you please share you impressions about the Clover and Clover kit once you have then in hand. I'd like to know what you think, as I'm sure others would, too. Dick
  14. Donald, Thanks for sharing your experience. I am curious about the sound once it was assembled. I understand the reeds arrive pretty much in tune. Was any fine tuning needed once everthing was assembled? Dick
  15. I'm interested. Pics please to rmcraig@safesleep(dot)us Regards, Dick
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