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  1. I saw this and thought you were thinking about getting a divorce! Anyway, thanks for the new tune, although weeks and months for you usually translates into months and years for me. -Don
  2. Roy, I just got my Rochelle two weeks ago. You'll enjoy it. I'm already smitten with the concertina. -Don
  3. Gary, Thanks very much for your generous offer. I tried to send you a PM, but I got this message: The member gcoover cannot receive any new messages I couldn't find an email address for you. Thanks, Don
  4. Gary, I just received my copy of Easy Anglo 1-2-3 today and it's excellent. I did notice a typo on page 45 (Ballydesmond Polka #3). Measure 7, the high G shows a pull (or draw) instead of a push on button 6. -Don
  5. Michael, Thanks very much for your generous offer. I used LL3YNTT66FRJ for the Englitina app. I already own the Concertina app. Great stuff! -Don
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