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  1. On 10/9/2022 at 11:41 PM, gtotani said:

    I have just downloaded the sheet music. I like it though I don’t know anything about “Sea of Thieves.”

    Coming late to this, but Sea of Thieves is a hugely successful pirate themed video game in which every player is issued with a concertina as part of their starting equipment. It has over 30 million players, so if even a tiny fraction of them decide that they’d like to learn more about concertina it will have a major impact on the hobby. This is the sort of publicity that most folk instruments only dream of. 

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    As arranged by Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, who is teaching me concertina.
    From Playford's Dancing Master, 1726 edition. 




    I'm playing a 30-key C/G anglo made by Holden Concertinas. You can read more about this instrument here. 



    I am ridiculously happy with this instrument and with what I've managed to do with it in a year (thanks to the complete disruption of my social life). Though I should warn beginners that I play many other instruments including, critically, melodeon, and that has definitely helped. This is however the first time I've felt able to share a video with people who aren't close friends. 



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  3. On 11/18/2020 at 7:17 PM, gcoover said:

    For those looking for concertina instruction, here is a master list of all known concertina instruction and tune books currently available in paperbacks, downloads, ebooks, DVDs and websites offering instruction, for all types of concertina. This list is intended to be as inclusive as possible and will be updated as new information and new books become available.


    What a splendid and well-researched list! Thank you!

  4. On 11/15/2020 at 9:29 PM, Paul_Hardy said:

    I've been recording tunes from my Session Tunebook, played slowly to learn then faster for fun. At eight tunes a week, I'm up to week 35, so some 280 tunes recorded so far. Only 360 more to do! See https://pghardy.net/greenshoots/virtual/ . 

    This is a fantastic resource, thank you so much! 

    As for what I've been doing in lockdown; I bought my first concertina and am learning to play it. Our morris side was doing socially distanced practice when it was legal but has stopped again now. I miss all my folkie friends; our club is not doing any music but we are getting together for a Zoom drink from time to time. I'm doing a certain amount of reading and crafting, and working from home (my business is only somewhat affected). My house is no tidier; funny, that. 

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