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  1. vdvzak


    Hello Daniel. Here is your contact point for boeremusiek in Cape Town. https://www.boeremusiekgilde.co.za/index.php/streke/suidstreek/kaapstad-tak Groete Sakkie VDV.
  2. vdvzak

    South Africa Wheatstone

    That is a photo of the Wheatstone "Mayfair" reed board. Discussion here....
  3. vdvzak

    Import taxes

    https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/ Try this. Good luck.
  4. vdvzak

    Perspex reedpans

    Hello Jake. Thank you. Half of this recording was played on a concertina with a perspex reed pan and the other half on a concertina with a traditional wood reed pan. For comparison............ and a bit of guesswork required? Cheers, Zak.
  5. vdvzak

    Perspex reedpans

    Your choice................one part played on perspex reed pan concertina ,the other on wooden reed pan concertina. Hope this works OK. Cheers, Zak.
  6. vdvzak

    Koot Brits - R.i.p.

    Very sad news, Ben. Condolences to the family. Sad Koot Brits concertina owner. Sakkie.
  7. vdvzak

    All I Want For Christmas Is A Concertina

  8. Sold for £2900. Plus 19%. Tuning supposed to be Bb - F. IMO, needed some restoration.
  9. vdvzak

    Gardiner - Houlgate Auction 17Th September

    Lot 655 (shakespeare?) sold for £2600. Lot 656 Jeffries sold for £3200. Plus 24% buyers premium inc. vat. The shakespeare needed a big restoration. (IMO). The jeffries was in reasonable condition. (IMO) Lot 657 Wheatstone no. 19017 sold for £600.
  10. vdvzak

    Wheatstone Ledgers Sixth Column From 1933 .

    Morning, Another guess.........The letters predominately appear next to the word gauze.............perhaps the colour or type of gauze? Cheers, Zak.
  11. Hello Mr. Day. Quite a few on U tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53gbVVmefVY Cheers, Zak.
  12. vdvzak

    Where To Practice?

    This was not too far away.............http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U_iq2jqZfg&feature=youtu.be
  13. vdvzak

    G/d Morse Anglo For Sale

    I have sent you a PM. Zak.
  14. Only just returned from Bradfield weekend and wandering around the Dales. Many thanks to Mark and Joan for their hospitality and organisation at the weekend. As first-timers we would like to thank everyone for their wonderful singing and playing and friendly welcome. Thank you all, Zak and Linda.