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  1. Hello,I like both of your quotes....made me laugh.

  2. fingers in knots,head in bits

  3. Hello Neil

    I don't know if you have received my last E mail or not...so belt and braces posting this,I have cash waiting if the distance is not to far.Iwas hoping it could have been arranged for this evening,not eager /impatient/sitting on my hands in expectation of plaing/hearing this concertina ...or anything.My phone No is in the E mail


  4. hello again,your e-mail for concertina.biz is NOT working,it just keeps returning them,I was a bit reluctant to hit 'buy now' as I had not heard anything from you.Sorry for the continual contact..but this will be my first concertina and my fingers are itching

  5. hello,can you get in touch,I'm interested in the wheatstone mayfair

    Cheers.string plucker

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